Thursday, 13 September 2012

Friday My Town Shoot-out – Weather.

(Posted early to make sure I copuld get the link up. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?)

I just had to use my ‘summer home’ (i.e. GB’s house on the Isle of Lewis off the West coast of Scotland) as ‘My Town’ for today’s theme because nowhere is the weather more visible than from his home with its wide open skies.

Ten minutes to a storm.

Five minutes to the storm.

Three minutes to the storm.

The storm breaks.

Sunlight on the water.

It’s raining out there.

Early morning mist in the valley.

Does the moment of sunrise count as weather?  If not I’ll just point you to the clouds…

Mares’ Tails - 

The strands of Cirrus cloud sometimes appear in tufts of a distinctive form referred to by the common name of mares' tails.  While they indicate the arrival of rain, cirrus clouds themselves produce only fall streaks (falling ice crystals that evaporate before landing on the ground).

And one can't talk about the weather without showing a rainbow.

If you'd like to see more examples of Friday Shoot-out folk showing the weather  please visit


  1. Beautiful shots CJ. Reading this in Tuscany I almost feel homesick! (I think you meant sunset not sunrise by the way).

    1. No - sunrise - that's Upper Bayble. 16th June 2009 - 4.38 a.m.

  2. A superb series....nothing like open spaces for appreciating weather.

  3. So beautiful..I love sky photos. It's amazing the pictures they form and the ones that form in our imagination. I love a good sunrise! (sunsets too!) It's good to know that the clouds over my home are the same all over the world.

  4. Great shots of the approaching storm. We experienced something similar on our drive home Tuesday. We managed to just skirt the full brunt of the storm which the next morning left floods and mayhem in Vegas. We had considered delaying our return one day to do some more sight seeing, but decided against it. So glad we did for we had planned to stayed over night in Vegas and would have been in the midst of all that mess.

    The headland is a beautiful shot, with or without the rainbow.

  5. What great shots of the skies - the clouds, the sunrise and the rainbow. No wonder you spent a lot of time looking at the sky!

  6. spectacular set of the skies over the Isle of Lewis!

  7. Terrific collection. I wish I had wide open skies to photograph, they are sooo much better in photos. I have to go pretty far to find them. I love the Mare's Tails and Rainbow photos.

  8. Great photos. I love the clouds called "mare's tails." I've never heard them called that before. And the pundits say we can't change the weather -- but we can photograph it and preserve it. Good job, CJ. xoxo

  9. Oh my, you could almost be at my place! I've had many a storm come and go this summer. Great shots and an interesting photo essay.

  10. Never heard of the name "mare's tails" but I love it. HH and I like to sit on our covered deck and watch a storm roll in. Nice presentation and narrative of this post. And yes, a rainbow to finish the show.

  11. Beautiful photos SS! Love those views where you can watch weather "come in." Especially over the water. I had not heard of Mare's Tails either, but it totally makes sense!

  12. Beautiful photos and a nice story to tell too!

  13. That's a stunning collection of weather shots. I love to watch storms roll in, so love those shots.

  14. good to see your post on FSO - excellent photos. I liked the '3 minutes to Storm' and yes sunrise and sunsets are weather.... red sky in the morning sailor take warning - red sky at night sailor delight....

  15. Magnificent skies. My favourite here is the third one (three minutes to the storm). That is, as long as I am looking at it from inside, or less than three minutes from the house...

  16. The last picture is amazing!!
    Lovely shots!


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