Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Wednesday Wander in my Chair

My Novel
My novel is written, indeed it was finished over a year ago, but needs shortening (at least such is the perception of those who have read it). I had resolved to start this on 1st September.  It's now the 12th and I haven't even sat down with it yet.  There always seems to be something else in the way.  I think I need to set aside a certain hour of the day for the task and make an appointment to do it. 

The Weekly Grocery Shop
Last Friday Partner-who-loves-tea and I went off to do the weekly grocery shop.  That may not seem the most exciting piece of news for my blog posting but it was quite different to normal.  I have put my shopping list on my phone.  I wait to see if new technology beats old. Last Friday it worked OK.  (To be honest I had a back-up handwritten list in my back pocket but didn’t use it!)  Just wish me luck that if I do introduce this new way of going round the shops I don’t have battery fade (or brain fade) half way round.

Nasty People! Sadly, there are some around…
I try quite hard to keep your visits here a positive experience – maybe fun, maybe educational, hopefully with the occasional attractive photo… But there are odd occasions when I am made so angry that I just have to let off steam.  Imagine a situation in which you have applied for a job (this was not me but a friend of mine). Your application is received and person X in the Personnel / Human Resources division says ‘We need more detail; do some more work on your application’.  You do some more work and they receive it, wishing you, more than happily, the very best of luck. What you don’t know is that you are, for whatever reason, ineligible to apply for the post in the first place.  Person X knew that all along and was just playing with you – their idea of a laugh, I suppose.    There are some really nasty pieces of work in this world and it makes me want to weep!

I think I might be becoming allergic to mushrooms. Or, at least, mushrooms that aren’t exceptionally fresh.  GB made some lovely mushroom soup while I was up there – I licked the bowl clean.  It was made with mushrooms that were on sale because they were on their last sell by date. My  tummy was bad afterwards.  And a few days ago I had some mushrooms that were past their best (but not really off in any way) on toast.  Tummy problems again.  But in between I’ve had fresh mushrooms and no problems.  Is this a known issue or am I putting two coincidences together and making five I wonder?

Patrick Stewart

I heard police or ambulancemen, standing in our house, say, “She must have provoked him,” or, “Mrs Stewart, it takes two to make a fight.” They had no idea. The truth is my mother did nothing to deserve the violence she endured. She did not provoke my father, and even if she had, violence is an unacceptable way of dealing with conflict. Violence is a choice a man makes and he alone is responsible for it.”-Patrick Stewart

Inn Signs
I have been collecting photos of inn signs for many years but have never put my digital ones in a separate folder or sorted them in any way.  It’s one of the many jobs that I may or may not get around to one day. 
The story is told that Drake was playing a game of bowls at Plymouth Hoe on July 18, 1588, when the Armada was sighted, but insisted on completing the game before setting sail.  This rather faded inn sign in Exeter would appear to be a tribute to that day.

I wonder what the story is behind the naming of The Sorry Head, also in Exeter?

A monkey suit is slang for a man's formal evening dress so this Exeter inn sign is a clever play on the expression.

And another photo from my visit to Exeter in May – going shopping the pretty way…

Have a good day.


  1. Firstly, it's so hard to keep going back over a novel for the bizillionth time. The last time we went through Hubby's, we just hated doing it. Not because it was reflective of his work, but because we had poured over it so many times before. Do it, SS. You be glad you did.
    Secondly, I have been the person that does the hiring in a couple of different circumstances. I've never heard of asking an applicant to give more information. Either it's all right on the application, or it's not. Nuff said.
    Thirdly, sorry to hear about your tummy troubles. I Love mushrooms, but let's face it...they can be questionable. Only go for the freshest for your belly!
    And lastly, I love your last photo!

  2. Most likely is glutamic acid intolerance. I can't eat MSG. Well I can but with disastrous results. So no Chinese take aways for me.

  3. I'm trying to get better at tagging my digital photos but it really isn't easy. Almost every week when I look at the FMTSO theme I wonder to myself (and often to the World as well) why on earth I never thought of using THAT particular word or theme when tagging photos...

    I put a notebook app on my phone to use for shopping lists etc but I keep forgetting I have it...

    As for shortening your novel I understand your resistance. But once you get started on it, you might get back in the flow. One often does gain a certain distance to one's own writing with time. (Not that I ever tried to write a complete novel.)

    1. It is difficult tagging photos at the best of times but, of course, when you go on holiday you take so many and then when you get back there are jobs to catch up on so the tagging gets skimpier and skimpier. At least thast is what hasppens in my case.

  4. Such a beautiful photo at the end.
    I'm not a mushroom eater, at all. :<)

    1. I'm glad it wasn't just me that liked that photo. I wonder if the folk on it will?

  5. I didn't think your novel needed shortening although I can understand that people with no Liverpool connection might (and I emphasise the word might) feel there is too much detail in some places. I enjoyed it immensely. I shall be really upset if there is no sequel.

    The mushrooms were all very white and looked much fresher than many of the ones that have days to run. I recall remarking on how good they looked which was one reason I changed plans and made mushroom soup. I wonder whether it is quantity rather than sell-by date that's caused the problem. That might tally with Adrian's analysis.

    1. It might well be quantity, GB, though I had a very full mushroom omelette recently. Who knows. Any way, I think I'll be leaving them alone for a while.

      Glad you didn't think it needed shortening. I think the problem was the lack of action - related to the main plot - in the early middle section. Once I get 'into' it again I'll have a better idea. Even if it dpesn't get published I may well write a sequel just for you one day!

  6. I do indeed like the last photo.

    After quite some digging I've found out why it's called the The Sorry Head (I was curious too). It's a) an anagram of its former name "the Horse and Dray" and b) a reference to the son of the landlord who committed suicide, presumably in the pub, in 1875.

    1. Thanks Helen. Well researched, as always!

  7. "The Sorry Head" used to be "The Horse and Dray". Jumble it up a bit and you don't need any new letters ;)


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