Thursday, 16 February 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

It can't really be Thursday already. It seems no time at all since I wrote Monday's Meander...

I've resurrected an old laptop to use but it is going on and off the Internet like a yo-yo. I'm not sure if it's the router (also known as a vacillator) or the laptop itself. Whichever it is, it's most aggravating. It makes following people's blogs very difficult. So if I don't visit you or comment for a few days I apologise. Hopefully my proper laptop will be sorted or replaced in the not too distant future.

I just thought I'd show you a photo of one of my heroes. This is our regular Postman. He not only comes whatever the weather but he also knows where to leave parcels when I'm out or in bed and always has a happy greeting for us. Being our regular postman he has two advantages over the others – firstly, he knows where our house is. That may sound strange but the numbering in our road is weird and so some people takre our deliveries to the wrong house, drop them on a neighbour's doorstep or simply give up and take them back to their depot. The second advantage is for his benefit. He knows that our gutter leaks so when it's raining he has to approach the front door at an angle or have half the rain content of the roof tipped down his neck. Less regular posties don't know that and one or two have got rather wet – sorry!

This week he brought me a postcard - the first for my little postcard board even though it was from a fellow blogger rather than a postcrossing person. Thank you M. In the meantime my first outgoing postcard reached Finland and was acknowledged by a grateful recipient. The next day my card to California arrived there. Such fun.

Unlike the cards, I haven't been anywhere exciting – in fact, I haven't been out of the house. This is a Bad Thing. I should at least walk to the shops every day for the benefit of my heart. When you combine weather that has been so dull and yucky that there has been no inspiration to leave the warmth and comfort of home and a laptop so unreliable that playing on it is frustrating and what do you get? You get me curled up on my bed with a book and a cup of coffee. What more could I want?


  1. Does your postman know he is being seen around the world on your blog?
    Hope the days will brighten up for you soon!

  2. Yes, Kay. But he did wonder why I was photographing him at first!

  3. I love that your postman WALKS! Our man drives a small vehicle and whizzes along down the road popping mail and junk flyers in the boxes as he passes. We seldom see him zip by.

  4. Getting his photo taken is probably not an everyday occurrance for a postie, but I suspect it is preferable over having to fend off dogs who are determined to defend their house!

  5. As a former Photographer it saddens me that much Social History is no longer recorded because of Privacy concerns, and fear of candid photographers.
    How much poorer we are for such.
    How quickly time passes

    Information is only valid at the moment it is collected and then it moves into the Rear View Mirror and becomes History to be looked back on and learned from.

    Thank you Mr Postman for allowing your image to be immortalized and fear not I shall not steal your soul.

  6. Getting "real" mail is something special, isn't it? I love it! And your postman looks like he truly enjoys his work! :)

    And when the weather is gloomy here (which it hardly ever is), it's hard to get me out of the house as well... I do very well as a couch potato.

    :) Silke

  7. Postmen are wonderful people aren't they? Our Postie calls, whatever the weather - and we do have weather up here and some! He is always greeted by Briagha Retriever. He has a very large soggy ball dropped at his feet but very good natured as he is, has a kick about with her first before going on his way. He hands me a postcard from Kate - written from some far flung outpost and then proceeds to tell me what she says. How is that for Hebridean service!!

    We just love him.

  8. I so loved the photo. I love pictures of the every day - the food, the sidewalks, the buildings, the people. I really like Dad's comment.

  9. I think your mailman is kinda cute. He looks like he could be Alan Rickman's uncle.

  10. Your postman sounds to be a great guy. In our place, right now we have a grouchy postman.


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