Monday, 13 February 2012

A Monday Meander

I lost Heather recently. She disappeared off my blog reading list and I assumed she was either very busy or having a family crisis so I sent her an e-mail. Fortunately it seems there was simply a problem with my Google reader. Monica recently showed me how to add a Wordpress blog to my Google Reading List and I used the same method to add Heather back in. You go to Google Reading List on the dashboard and click 'Add' and paste in the blog's URL. It then gets picked up on the Google Reading List. I'm glad there was nothing wrong over in Vermont and that Heather wasn't too busy for us all.

I've been creating spine poems recently. Have a look around your bookshelves and see what you can come up with...

Last Friday Partner-who-drinks-tea and I went shopping and sorted out some laptop problems at the Hoylake computer shop before buying her a new laptop for the office. Needless to say we stopped off en route to have tea and a toasted tea-cake. We chose to go to Willow Tea House and Bistro – formerly Roses Tea Rooms in Heswall.

They do a marvellous Irish Breakfast Tea in delightful tea-pots that Partner-who-drinks-tea has been trying to get ever since we first went there.  She is also known as Partner-who-hates-being-photographed so that view of her in the distance is about as good as you'll get without me going down on bended knee to beg her permission.

My Kindle has a new look. Daughter-who-takes-photos pointed me in the direction of laptop skins and while looking at them I saw this Kindle one and couldn't resist it. I also got a different patterned skin for a laptop – now all I need is the laptop....

I now have postcrossing post-cards on their way to Monninkylä in Finland, Tustin in California in the USA and Moscow in Russia. Where next?


  1. :) Never too busy to visit! I wouldn't have known that was Jo or that a person was in that shot, until I read your words {shows my lack of attention at the moment}.

    I think that I might have to partake in that spine poetry idea, tomorrow; sounds like fun creativity!

    Hmmmm....there was something else that I wanted to comment about, but can't seem to remember. I might be back after peeking back at your post ;)

  2. Oh yes, the kindle cover....nice one!! Guess what I didn't realize? If I press "show original post' over there to the side of this comment page, it will pop up the post {without photos}, so that I can review your words. I never knew that before.

    It's something how I can know so much, assume that everyone else already knows too. I could have told you about the url following, I'm sorry that I never shared that information. Now, I wonder what else I may be withholding ;)

  3. Well, I am very glad that you're prepared for your laptop. It's good to plan ahead.

    Glad to know the tip about adding blogs from elsewhere.

  4. Marcheline wrote to me most kindly offerring to do something about the 'serious lack of chocolate covered cherries in your life' (a discussion we were having on her blog) - I've deleted her comment because one cannot edit a comment and it contained her e-mail but , cherries apart, it went -
    "Spine poetry! How wonderful! Off to see what I can dig up."

  5. Ah. Roses Tea Rooms have been reincarnated to Willow Tea House. Looks good but there's still something about Linghams which takes some beating. Must try WTH out though this summer.

  6. Spine poems! What a great idea! I must try one myself and shall link to your blog because you gave me the idea.
    (I am actually not at all into poetry, but this is different)
    People's blogs have been dropping in and out of my reading list, too, but either the bugs have been fixed now my constant adding and re-adding has finally done the trick.

  7. Weird that the URL following worked this time when it didn't for my book blog (I blame google)

    You can probably add your librarian blog to your blog list down the left side of this blog in a similar way. Just edit the gadget and paste in the wordpress RSS url and it should just work.

  8. Ooh that looks like a really super tea room, the kind of place I always look out for. I've just looked Heswall up on the map. Not an area I know very well but I do know you're not TOO far from a really nice tea shop and farm shop called Davenports, in Daresbury Cheshire. I went there in connection with some work I did about Lewis carroll, who came from there.

  9. I lost track of Heather too a while back but after some searching I managed to track her down.
    Happy Valentine's day to you & Jo!

  10. Spine books! What an interesting idea! Thanks.

  11. A very very happy Valentine's Day to you and Jo,
    Hugs, Carol & Rob

  12. What a wonderful idea with the book spine poem! I'll have to tell Daniel - he'll love the idea! :)

    And tea, yes, you know from my post today that I love tea! It's been ages since I had proper tea in the UK though.

    That kindle skin is great looking - I might have to get one for mine.

    Glad you are doing well! :) Silke


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