Monday, 6 February 2012

As if I didn't have enough blogs...

At the moment I have 13 active blogs. That's ridiculous. Rambles from my Chair is my main blog where you can follow what I am up to and all the random thoughts and interests I have. One can then discount two blogs set up for Jo's business and one that I contribute to on a joint basis. That leaves nine. Nine green bottles, standing on the wall...

Project 355 is a photo a day blog which I also try to do on a regular (if not quite daily) basis.

My book review blog is kept up-to-date even if I am sometimes a bit late in blogging about a book I have read or a bit brief in reviewing it. At least it records – principally for my benefit – all the books I've read since November 2007.

Words, word, words (and phrases) started out as a daily blog with the origins or interesting notes about a different word each day. Like many of my enthusiasms it tends to come in fits and starts. One of the books I'm currently reading on the Kindle (Mrs Braddon's 'Birds of Prey') has lots of interesting words and phrases in it so I shall hopefully resurrect the blog shortly.

The next 'active' one is Salamagundi, a recipe one, which, again, is as much for my own benefit as for readers though hopefully some folk will find it of use.

I have a Hebridean Blog and an Exeter Blog for when I take holidays there, availing myself of family hospitality.

Considering natural history and photography are my principal interests outdoors it is surprising that I have not made better use of my wildlife blog. I think I am overwhelmed by the amount of photos I could put on if I were so inclined. So far it has mainly been used to show the occasional new species of creature or plant that I have recorded. “Must try harder!” is the teacher's comment on my report.

The blog for our Wirral garden tends to depend on the weather and the plants that are flowering. Spring and Summer time are the times when this is most active.

Memories are made of this is a family history blog and, like my wildlife one, it needs more effort putting into it.

Now, as if that were not enough, I've decided to have a blog on WordPress called Once a Librarian. It will be about librarianship but not in any academic sense, purely as a fun look at all things related to libraries from the chained books in Hereford Cathedral library to the wickedness of our local councillors in trying to turn our local libraries into 'One Stop Shops' and dispense with library assistants in favour of receptionists.

There will be cartoons, a bit of art and the occasional biography of folk who you may not have realised were librarians. Because it is on WordPress it doesn't have a 'followers' list in the Google sense but it does have a button you can click on to be notified by e-mail when I publish a post.

I hope I'll see you there occasionally.


  1. I'll have a look at the Wordpress blog and see how you get on.

  2. Thanks Adrian - I know that you, like me, never sleep so it'll possibly send you off...

  3. Whatever your Blogs do, CJ, they don't induce sleep!

    The new Blog looks interesting so far anyway!

    I've at last got myself a Wordpress username because I'm fed up with having to type out email addresses etc when following Wordpress blogs. I thought Blogger was bad enough but...

  4. interesting list of blogs. I doubt that I could keep up with so many - I will check into your Librarian posts. I wasn't a librarian but worked in one throughout highschool - I still keep all my books in alpha order....

  5. I love the cartoon you've used as illustration - so close to the (future) truth.
    Thirteen blogs - you must be able to juggle too!

  6. It is also possible to add it manually to the Blogger dashboard reading list. I know 'cos I just did... (and I have other non-Blogger blogs on there too)

  7. Thank you Monica - that's really useful to know.

  8. Monica, I just did it. It's not just really useful - it's brilliant, thank you ever so much. That will save me lots of e-mails about Word-press bloggers making posts.

  9. And the "Full time Versatile" blogger award goes to Scriptor Senex. I'll try to keep up with all your interesting posts.Cheers!

  10. You forgot to mention 'On This Day'. I'm sure you've had others too although I won't mention strepsirrhine primates endemic to the island of Madagascar.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is one of my favorites. Here's a question for your librarian blog: Where are books on library science logged in the Dewey Decimal System? (I'm guessing you use that in England... but then, maybe that just a US thing...) Anyway... it's an interesting tidbit.


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