Sunday, 12 February 2012

Still blogging...

I wasn't particularly well on Friday night and spent all of it awake so at five o'clock I got up and started blogging and reading blogs. I am try to limit myself to half an hour in the morning and half an hour at night. It was half past six before I realised I'd not only spent an hour and half reading blogs but I hadn't even had my morning coffee or tea. It's coffee if I make it or tea if Partner-who-loves-tea or Son-who-watches-films are about. The latter is usually up at night and asleep by day but it was his birthday on Friday and he was out all night at a friend's house. He so rarely leaves our house that worrying about him probably contributed to my wakefulness. Yes, I know he's 24 but.....

At seven I was still blogging...

Ten past seven Partner-who-loves-tea rolled out of bed, I was still reading blogs.

There are so many creative folk out – not just their writing but their art. I just loved this half finished painting by Silke at Metamorphosis. You can also see the finished work (which lives up to its promise) on the same blog.

Half-past seven and I was given a call that the kettle had boiled... bye bye blogs!

And now for something completely different....

This sculpture, created in 2000 by Noah Rose, was designed to show the the interplay between new urban development and the historic Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead on Merseyside.

The sculpture was inspired by the ribs of a ship's hull but with the hull itself missing. The composition – of 7 interdependent forms totalling 9m x 4.5m x 3m - changes as the viewer moves around its site, bowing down under the weight of history or unfurling towards a hopeful future. He made the piece of plasma-cut, welded and polished Stainless Steel in his studio with the help of assistant Palli Kristjansson.

So many gadgets designed to help in the kitchen are less than helpful and so much trouble to clean that doing the job the traditional way is easier. One of Richard's birthday presents is the opposite. It's really easy to use and clean.

It can either core and cut a pineapple into rings or into wedges and it leaves the outer husk available for making pretty fruit salad bowl designs....

(Available from Lakeland and no, I'm not being paid to advertise it; I'm just impressed!!)

That's about all for now. I've got lots to do before Partner-who-drinks-tea gets home from work (she has students almost every Sunday). And as we all know...

Have a good day...


  1. Gosh, what a surprise to come over here and see my name on your blog post. Thank you!!

    If we ate more pineapple, I'd buy one of those gadgets right away - it's not often you find something that really does what it's designed to do.

    That statue of the ribs of the ship is beautiful! Strangely enough, I had a dream of a ship skeleton last night. Hmmm...

    Hope you are feeling better and that your son had a great birthday! :)

  2. I am with you on the time machine that is blog land. i had to limit my time to two hours in the AM and a little more thrown in during the day, i found i was spending 4 hours a morning just reading and commenting and that did not include editing my photos and creating my post. no wonder i had no time for anything else. enjoyed your morning story

  3. We have one of those pineapple corers too. It is fantastic and I will hopefully never have to cut one the hard way again.

    I want to get some of the kitchen tools at

    Many of them have over 50 positive reviews so I'm hopeful that they'll work.

  4. Scriptor,
    Isn't Silke's art AMAZING! So happy to see you mention her blog here.
    I quite like that art you have shown us. Now, I will have to take a photo of "The Blade" that is at our library, which I have never understood, maybe you can look at it and tell me what it means. (No one in the county can.)
    Now, pineapple... did you know that the top of the pineapple can be rooted in water? As it is rooting, you can enjoy the spiky greenery. Once you have roots, just pot it and keep it watered and in the sun. Depending on when it is rooted, you should have a small golden pineapple the following year!

  5. Kay, maybe it's our climate (even indoors) but I can't get a pineapple to grow for love nor money. (Well, actually, no one has offerred me money as yet but you know what I mean...

  6. Kay - I expect you have seen this library magazine.

    As you no doubt know, James Clover, did not agree any design plans and told the sculpture committee "What you get is what you get!"

  7. Ah, yes -- everything stops for tea! One of the last vestiges of civilized life as we know it left on the planet!! :0)

    Hugs, Carol

  8. I don't feel quite so bad about spending the first hour of my morning in Blogland with my tea knowing that I am not alone.

    I am fascinated by the sculpture and found Silke's painting absorbing in its expressiveness.

    Gaz introduced me to the pineapple corer years ago: a must-have gadget if you like pineapples. The empty case is useful for showing off fruit salads at dinner as well.

  9. Hope you're feeling better now. I'd love to have one of those pineapple corers to give to my Mum. She manages to grow a few and loves to eat them but is finding now that the preparation is a bit much for her hands.

  10. Sorry to hear you had a bad night. But the time in the blogosphere was well spent, as your post shows.
    I agree about the kitchen gadgets - I have a rice cooker that is HUGE and does not make any better or quicker rice than my traditional way, and therefore it sits in the cellar waiting for the day when someone on my circle of friends will exclaim "I wish I had a rice cooker!".

  11. Hope you are feeling better! I just love those sculptures!
    I have also made an attempt to limit my blog time...well, computer time in general. Enjoyed reading your post...have a great day!


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