Saturday, 18 February 2012

Making do...

My laptop is likely to be in hospital for another 28 days. I'm not a happy bunny. 'Making do' is not something I'm good at.

I have taken Word Verification (or Weird Defecation as I have decided to call it) off those few blogs that I still used it on. I can hardly decipher a single one of the new WVs. Perhaps, as one of my staff once suggested, I really am a robot. However, if you use WV please don't take that as a criticism. Having had so much spam and abusive comments I can sympathise with anyone who uses it. Sadly, I didn't find WV helped reduce the abuse though it does stop some of the spam. In case you are wondering what the WV I created above says, it's 'Silly Robot'. What, you couldn't read it? Is that my fault??

What really annoys me is that complaining to Blogger about abuse by a person with a Blogger account has no effect. She doesn't have a blog so one cannot complain about that by using the top bar (not that her blog would necessarily be abusive anyway) and there is no other way of complaining beyond sending an e-mail to blogger and that never has any result. So Amy, and others, if you are out there today, I really would appreciate it if you would blog off... I am so fed up of you and your racist and ableist comments..

No doubt it was problems with someone who was issuing her abuse that caused Secretly Skint to change the settings on her blog but I wonder if she realises (as Marcheline has pointed out)  that she has now made it only available to invited users and shut all her fans out...  

On to happier things...

There I was, sorting through some old folders on a backed-up drive and I found the scans I did of some of my art work. I've been looking for those for ages. I knew they were on there somewhere.

Here are some people you might (or might not) recognise.

Augustus John

Giovanni Bellini

Charles Bronson (painted in pastels for Partner-who-drinks-tea who can't help licking her lips when his name is mentioned).

Sean Connery

Francisco de Goya

Graham Hill

Käthe Kollwitz

Arthur Miller

Pytor Iliych Tchaikovsky

Have a good week-end and, if you are in the States, enjoy Washington's Birthday – especially if it lets you share a day with your loved ones.


  1. Aye Lad. The worst is to come. Be like a plague of frogs it will. If one ignores the God Google.
    Some nice pastels. Not my thing but they are good.

  2. I am truly impressed by your artwork!

    Yes, the new WV is sometimes quite difficult to read, and I am certainly a rather un-robotlike person.

    I've been in touch with SP and she knows that we can not read her blog at the moment. She hopes this temporary closing the shutters will help to get rid of the anonymous person who keeps causing her trouble.

  3. The Word Verification is driving me to distraction and I fear that it will mean the end of commenting on some blogs. Do people not realise that they have it enabled?
    Over here we're having driving rain. No working outside for this weekend, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

  4. So this is YOUR artwork?! I had no idea you were such an artist!

    I so agree with you about the new word verification. I must be a robot too. Btw I've taken it off my new blog now at least as long as I don't get spam problems. Like you I don't blame anyone for having it on if they do but my patience with getting my suggestions rejected is limited...

  5. Glad you've taken word verification off. I wanted to comment on one of your blogs the other day and couldn't do it. Gave up in the end and now I can't remember what I was going to say.

  6. SP had an unfortunate experience that some may not have read about. I shall try and do a post later today to enlighten people who read my blog who also read (past tense) hers. Don't take it off your blogroll yet!

  7. I abhor making do, which I've had to do many a time in my life. Wishes for a fast recovery for your computer.
    Well, I did recognize most of the people in your sketches.
    I don't know how others in our US feel, but I think that Presidents' Day was started to give our government people yet one more holiday at taxpayers' expense. When I taught school, I celebrated both Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays on their actual date.
    I must not be controversial enough to ever experience people writing awful detrimental things on my site.
    But, I will tell you I'm fed up with WV, and I'm considering making no comments on such blogs, even ones that I dearly love. And see what nice long comments they would miss? ha!

  8. Oh, I didn't know you were an artist! I think these are really good! So happy that you showed these on here. I hope that Silke will see them and leave a comment.

  9. Your art: I love the way your perspective comes through alongside the identity of the subject.

    Weird defecation: I have found that using the little circular arrow which appears next to the text box is helpful. If you can't read the WV given, clicking the little circular arrow brings up a new one. Just keep clicking 'til you get an easy one! I've gone through as many as seven before reaching one I could read.

    Everyone needs to complain to Blogger about this "improvement". It truly sucks.

  10. Great drawings, CJ! Thanks for sharing them. xoxo

  11. Yor art rocks! I like Käthe Kollwitz in particular. You need yet another blog so that we can see more of it.

  12. Your portraits are FANTASTIC!!! I had no idea you were an artist. Please, make more! And more!!! :)

    Ah, yes, WV. It has become a hot topic and - like many - I can hardly ever read that weird second slanted and two-toned word.

    I think if someone really needs control of the comments that are posted, comment moderation would do the trick. I've not had a problem without either WV or moderation for over two years.

    Glad you are getting our your art!! :) Silke


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