Friday, 23 November 2007

A Staircase and a half !

Thought to be the world’s only internal log staircase, this beauty has been carved from one giant 140 ton kauri log. It took a total of 500 man hours to carve and finish and can be found at ‘Ancient Kauri Kingdom’ in New Zealand.
The ancient wood is found in swamps in the North of New Zealand. Ancient Kauri wood is carbon dated at more than 45,000 years old. It predates the migration of Neanderthal man and was already buried in swamps more than 25,000 years before the onset of the last Ice Age. Ancient Kauri is the oldest workable wood in the world.
Ancient Kauri is considered worldwide a valued heirloom connecting us by its beauty and ancient history. Ancient Kauri Kingdom have been pioneers for everything Ancient Kauri since 1992 and are situated at Awanui, Northland..

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