Monday, 26 November 2007

On this Day

1731 - English poet William Cowper was born. He is best known for "The Poplar Trees" and "The Task." He's still well known but does anyone ever read his work now?

1922 - In Egypt, Howard Carter peered into the tomb of King Tutankhamen - about which more in next blog.

1940 - The Nazis forced 500,000 Jews of Warsaw, Poland to live within a walled ghetto. Man's inhumanity to man continued as it does today...

1942 - The motion picture "Casablanca" had its world premiere at the Hollywood Theater in New York City. Bring back Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains...

1943 - The HMS Rohna became the first ship to be sunk by a guided missile. The German missile attack led to the death of 1,015 U.S. troops. Every day of the year has its wars.

1949 - India's Constituent Assembly adopted the country's constitution The country became a republic within the British Commonwealth two months later.

1950 - China entered the Korean conflict forcing UN forces to retreat.

1962 - Fab Four have their 1st recording session for EMI under the name The Beatles. And sucks to Decca who had turned down the group saying "Guitar groups are on the way out, Mr. Epstein."

1979 - International Olympic Committee voted to readmit China

1983 - A Brinks Mat Ltd. vault at London's Heathrow Airport was robbed by gunmen. The men made off with 6,800 gold bars worth nearly $40 million. Only a fraction of the gold has ever been recovered and only two men have been convicted in the heist.

1992 - The British government announced that Queen Elizabeth II had volunteered to start paying taxes on her personal income. She also took her children off the public payroll.

1998 - British Prime Minister Tony Blair made a speech to the Irish Parliament. It was a first time event for a British Prime Minister.

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