Friday, 2 November 2007

Satellite images

A selection of spectacular satellite images, featured in Earth from Space, published by the Guardian and A&C Black, clearly shows man's devastating impact on our planet, from the disappearing Aral Sea to deforestation in Brazil, urban growth in Dallas and light pollution across the globe.
An on-line selection of the images can be seen at

Disappearing Sea: Left: Aral Sea, 1998 Right: Aral Sea, 2002. In the 1960s, huge projects diverted water from the world’s fourth largest inland body of water to irrigate cotton and rice fields. Within 20 years the flow of water into the Aral completely stopped. The rapid disappearance of the sea in the former Soviet Union may be the most significant regional environmental disaster the world is facing but no plans exist for solving it. By 2020 it is likely to be only 10% of its original size - Photograph: R&D Center ScanEx and Jacques

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