Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Is there a God at heaven.com?

I have yet to find a use for it but Jim Bumgardner’s colour experimenter is a fun little device.
Jim is a an interesting character and among other things he is the owner of Heaven.com and receives all the e-mails sent to God@heaven.com. Unfortunately it gets so much spam among its thousands of e-mails per day that he cannot access it very often. He says it gets prayers from all manner of folk If you'd like to send a prayer to God, feel free to send it to that address, or, if you'd like to share it anonymously, you can use the prayer portal he has set up at heaven.com/prayer/.

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  1. Fantastic! I love the sheer cheek of the idea. Thanks also for the StumbleUpon link which will give me something else to do while I'm procrastinating. :-)


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