Friday, 25 May 2018

Street furniture - Bollards and stanchions

I have been looking through some of my old slides of Liverpool from the 1960s and came across these pictures of bollards and stanchions used to keep carriage and cart wheels from going over the pavement (i.e, for my American readers - the sidewalk) or hitting the corners of buildings.

And this one is my favourite - someone embedded cannons either side of this gateway on the Dock Road.


  1. I suppose they had to find a use for obsolete cannons!
    I had never thought about what bollards were for. I can't believe I was so incurious. Now I know.

  2. On some of the very old, very narrow streets here — the ones built for Model T cars and that cannot be widened — people put up simple concrete posts to prevent cars driving up onto their grass. Same concept, but not nearly so nicely executed here.

  3. It's amazing the things you notice that I take for granted.


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