Tuesday, 15 May 2018

It's rude to point...

Katie's Dad:- "Excuse me, Toby, but it's rude to point."

Toby:- "Actually, Uncle,  Katie pointed first!"
Katie:- "Don't you go blaming me!"

Toby:- "And anyway, how's this spotting business meant to work without pointing?"


  1. Glad you managed to download the photos.

    Hopefully they'll be chatting to each other and not just pointing soon.

  2. My mama taught me to point at objects, not people, and only when you are close enough that it is obvious what you mean by it.

  3. Ha ha! That is EXACTLY what those little ones are saying! They are growing up so quickly!

  4. Toby is right! Sometimes one needs to point! :-)

  5. I'm glad your eyesight is getting better and hopefully you'll have two good peepers soon. Those babies are adorable! I just thought I'd "point" that out to you! Take care John!


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