Sunday, 20 May 2018

Reading again

After months of being unable to read books I can read again and because of my cravings have already devoured half a dozen books.  According to the Christian Miscellany and Family Visitor (c1869) there is no hope for me....

“Novel reading tends to inflame the passions, pollute the imagination, and corrupt the heart.  It frequently becomes an inveterate habit, strong and fatal as that of a drunkard.  In this state of intoxication, great waywardness of conduct is always sure to follow.  Even when the habit is renounced, and genuine reformation takes place, the individual always suffers the cravings of former excitement.” 


  1. make sure you take time to gently move your I am sure you already know.

  2. Read away, and enjoy every single moment!

  3. Oh dear! Who knows what your wayward conduct may lead you to do next, John!
    Seriously, I am happy for you. It was minths of not reading in your case; I had enough after only weeks!

  4. Ah, the return to reading... always a lovely adventure! I just re-read "They All Love Jack" (by Bruce Robinson) and "Les Liaisons Dangereuses" (by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos) - two of my favorites!

  5. So happy that your eyesight has improved that you are able to read again! That is good news.


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