Friday, 31 March 2017

Sefton Park, Liverpool

On Mother's Day (the British one) Partner-who-loves-tea suggested we have a trip over to Sefton Park to see if we could see the Kingfishers which had been there for a few weeks.  The weather was wonderful - the first really warm Spring day.  One can tell the first day of Spring - it is that day on which one can first put one's foot on seven daisies.

For years now Daffodils have been planted in Sefton Park in support of the Marie Curie charity which supports terminally ill patients.  They were out in profusion.

You can read more about the Marie Curie organisation by clicking here.

Sadly the Kingfishers moved out of the park about a week ago according to a helpful fellow naturalist that we met.  But there was still plenty to photograph.

And the rest of the wildlife was out in force including a Dabchick (or Little Grebe).  I have seen Dabchicks previously when I was a voluntary warden at Ainsdale Nature Reserve but that was over thirty years ago.

A Coot was sitting on its nest, only getting off to have the occasional shower or to chase away marauding Magpies.

Moorhens dabbled in the brooks and on the lake margins.

And the plentiful Mallards were joined by a few Canada Geese.

I was always told that Rooks banded together (in a parliament) and Carrion Crows were not seen in larger numbers than twos and threes.  The Carrion Crows in Sefton Park had obviously read a different book - there were hundreds of them scattered around one particular field.

A Grey Squirrel came begging for nuts but we didn't have any with us.  Better luck next time, little one!

And these were the only drops of water we saw all day!

We paid (literally) a visit to the Palm House but I'll tell you about that another time when I'll also introduce you to Peter Pan, Eros, the bandstand and the Fairy Glen.  To finish today's post - how about this for a fantastic tree trunk.


  1. Such a lovely place! That tree is fascinating.

  2. Ah Sefton Park. Such memories. It's the odd things I remember though that has surprised me when reading this. The pet shop by the 68 bus terminus. As a (very polite) teenager having cycled there and asked a man if he had the time (please) being told, as he looked at his watch and then walked away without telling me, that he did indeed have the time. And then there was the evening in the car (with the windows misted up along with all the other cars) when the police came and told us all to scarper. Considering the time we spent in that park I'm having trouble even recalling whether it had rowing boats. It did at the Smithdown Road end in the early days of our childhood didn't it?

    1. Yes, it had rowing boats in our youth. They were at the Aigburth Drive end of the lake. I wonder why they don't nowadays. The dreaded Health and Safety, I suppose.

  3. Lovely wildlife and semi-tame wildlife. Parks in the spring are perfect for the heart and mind.

  4. Looks like a lovely outing. As usual, spring is much further along over there than it is here.

  5. The daffodils are lovely!

  6. Beautiful photos of lovely creatures (flowers, animals). And the tree is amazing!

  7. Beautiful, especially the reflections.


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