Monday, 27 March 2017

Massive Wirral explosion

My brother, GB, often comments how fortunate he and I are not to have lived through a War.  (Technically, he did because he was born just  before the D Day landings of World War II though two years after the end of the Liverpool Blitz in which around 4,000 people were killed – a death toll second only to London.)  It was the Blitz of which Merseysiders were reminded on Saturday night when my son came from his room – with the TV on quite loud - into the kitchen to ask ‘What was that big bang?’

It turned out to be a gas explosion in New Ferry six miles away.  Over thirty people were injured but, by the grace of God or the Fates, only two are in a serious condition, though one of those is in a critical condition.  Had it been an hour earlier the Dance Studio, which was completely demolished, would have been full of children.

Sadly, Lan’s Chinese Restaurant is among the many buildings demolished or damaged (probably beyond repair).  Last time he stayed with us GB treated us to a meal there and Partner-who-loves-tea and I had talked about going there for a meal this week!  The spot where GB parked his car that night was completely buried under rubble.  Eighteen people in the restaurant were injured.  Prayers and thoughts are with everyone affected but most especially the two in a serious condition.


  1. As you said CJ what could have happened doesn't even bear thinking about.

  2. My heart goes out to everyone injured, and i hope the businesses that were damaged can recover.

  3. I've always found gas rather scary - it is relatively often that one hears of gas explosions. Having said that, we have gas for heating and hot water in my house, too...
    So sorry to hear about this accident, but as you say, it would have been much, much worse had it happened an hour earlier. Let's hope all the injured people will fully recover.

  4. We never know. It could be cancer, a car accident, terrorism or just some funky gas...we never know. Hope that peace is with those today who a facing such a tragedy. Americans that knew the great wars are now dying. Most Americans,except of our active military, have no clue about it and that makes us so naive.

  5. OH, no! Glad you are all safe and the children who may have been there, thankfully they weren't. So sad, though.

  6. Very sad that people were injured!


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