Sunday, 1 January 2017

Post boxes

I collect post boxes.  No, not full size one but models.  I think there are a couple in the loft and we also have a bird box in the shape of one and a tea/coffee pot.

But apart from those the rest are on a couple of shelves in the study.

Note the American one on the top shelf - that was courtesy of Friend-uber-special as were the mug and coffee/tea pot.  Family members have given me some of the others.


  1. The blue one for air mail is truly eye-catching! I don't think I've ever seen one in real life.

    1. There were very few Air Mail ones produced and the only one I have ever seen is in the centre of Windsor. It's principally kept as a tourist attraction.

  2. Such a lovely collection! Thank you for sharing your special items this way, the cat one is especially fun to look at.

  3. They're wonderful, I have one, but now I see there's room for improvement.

  4. I doubt it would be possible to gather a similar collection of Swedish postboxes (usually a square yellow box on a post or hanging on a wall, and not half as iconic as your red pillar ones) ...

  5. FAB collection! Best of the New Year to you dear friend!!

  6. That's a fine collection. I had a pillarbox fridge magnet once but that's as far as it went.
    I hope 2017 is good to you and yours!

  7. Great collection!

    I totally understand the fun of collecting postboxes and have a few small postboxes, too (small = only a few centimeters height), a tiny red old Dutch one (made of metal), a tinier red lego mailbox and a playmobil (yellow, German-like) one :-)


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