Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Big Harry Unknown

Sometimes one comes across blogs which merit a far greater number of readers than they appear to have.  One such that I stumbled across in 2011 was Kay, the Georgia Girl with an English Heart.   I mentioned Kay’s blog on mine and as a result a few new readers were born.  Nowadays she has dozens and dozens and regularly gets over 30 comments on her postings.   I would love to see the same reaction to Fenifur’s blog about names -
Big HarryUnknown (Unusual, real historical names and the People who owned them).

The research that goes into Fenifur’s posts is considerable and I suspect that she is a bit like me in that the research is a reward in itself.  Nevertheless, it is a real shame that there seem to be so few readers who have found her blog and comment on it.  Fenifur describes herself as a twenty-something with ‘too many interests and little direction.  I Love Writing, Cooking, Archaeology, History, Geneaology, The Ocean, Walking, Waterfalls, Cornwall (especially the north coast) Looking through 18thC Newspapers for weird stories, Art, Reading, Animals, Postcrossing and Daydreaming, usually when I'm supposed to be concentrating on something important.’  I hadn’t realised the Postcrossing connection until I was writing this post!   Fenifur has recently been ill so please excused her if she doesn’t reply instantly to comments.

She explains here what her blog is all about.

 Among the wonderful names she has researched are Pleasure Butler, Repentance Butter, Cross Crozier, Photo Gilbert Scales which can all be found in her August 2013postings.

Fenifur also has another blog, The Devonian Period, here.


  1. To this day, I am glad I persisted in bombarding Kay with messages until she finally gave in and started her own blog! "Georgia Girl with an English Heart" is a place I always love visiting.
    Thank you for bringing other blogs to our attention, too.

  2. Names can be fascinating, thanks for the tip about this blog. When i get home from work, i'll try to have a poke around.

  3. Oh John, I most likely would have given up my blog if not for your encouragement! And as Meike has commented above, I wouldn't have started it if not for her! Blessings on you for directing us to this blogger, going over to visit now...
    Thanks very much, John, you are as welcome in my life as a cool breeze on a hot day. (How is that for a Georgia expression?)


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