Saturday, 7 January 2017

Hygiene begins at the airport..

Don't forget to wipe before you swipe the next time you are at Tokyo's Narita International Airport.  Toilets at the airport have been equipped with "toilet paper" that you can use to disinfect your smartphone. The firm that installed them points to research showing there are more germs on your phone screen than on a toilet seat.  We didn’t have to worry about that when I was young!


  1. We didn't worry because we just ate our peck of dirt (everyone eats a peck of dirt in her/his life, i'm told) and got immunity from it and went on with our lives. Now we have to be scared of everything, and i'm not so sure that's good. Kids have more allergies because of it, i know.

    Yes, i'm a housekeeper and janitor and i do clean things and sanitize them, but i don't see the need for being so sanitized that our immune systems have nothing to do and start going haywire.

  2. We have a little machine that sanitizes our phones at work. I don't use it because I leave my phone in my purse and I'm not connected to it like many of my younger coworkers. I laughed when I saw this little sanitizing machine but then again, we do work in surgery so I guess it's a smart thing to keep folks cell phones clean. I do agree that we've made ourselves at risk by super cleaning everything with anitbacterial soaps and wipes. We're creating super bugs.


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