Sunday, 15 January 2017


I am working my way through the book "111 places in Liverpool that you shouldn't miss".  Many of them are places I know and have photographed over the years but some were new to me.  At the end of December Partner-who-loves-tea took me to Delifonseca Dockside.

It was founded by Candice Fonseca, a self-confessed 'mad foodie' who became frustrated by the lack of delicatessens and specialist food outlets in Liverpool.

The shop is large with foodstuffs from all over the world.

"Whether you are looking for high-quality store-cupboard basics, the latest ingredient recommended by your favourite celebrity chef, an unusual gift, or something to nibble right now, you will find it here."

The shop also has a restaurant where local chef Martin Cooper offers an unfussy modern take on traditional dishes.

P.S.  Yes, GB, we'll go there next time you are staying with us!


  1. This looks a great shop but I would not try and go there on an empty stomach because I'd be buying half the shop and spend way roo much money!
    One of my friend's surname is Fonseca. She is Portuguese.

  2. That looks like my kind of hangout! You have some cool places to visit where you live and I hope you can visit everyone on that list! (and make us jealous by blogging about it!)

  3. That looks like a wonderful place! Maybe someday i can visit, too.

  4. Excellent. Thanks CJ. I'm actually looking forward very much to re-visiting Liverpool this year.


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