Saturday, 9 July 2016

Watergates, Chester

Watergates or Watergates Bar in Chester does not have the most exciting inn sign though it is attractive enough.   

What is amazing about this modern gastro pub is its ancient setting.  

It is in one of the crypts built prior to the Rows above.

The brickwork in this medieval undercroft has been left exposed.

It has a curved ceiling and church-like architecture that dates from around 1180. Even the café in Exeter Cathedral dates from a hundred years later than this.

Partner-who-loves-tea and I recently had a glass of coke in there just to soak in the atmosphere.  The flags were to celebrate the Euro 2016 football tournament.


  1. The sign definitely fits the interior. I like the ancient architecture of the place, and I think they have done well with their mix of modern and old-fashioned chairs etc.
    Some people sneer at gastro pubs as such, but I think some of them are really nice places where good food at reasonable prices is served.

  2. Crypt, bar, tourist attraction, place of historic significance, example of medieval architecture, all rolled into one, what's not to like? Maybe someday i can get there.

  3. Such an interesting juxtaposition - the modern pub concept in the ancient crypt. I'd have wanted to stop too.

  4. When you live locally, as I do, you tend to miss out on these special places. Thank you John for highlighting this lovely place. I shall seek it out after I next do battle at the building society. My interest rate has fallen yet again ! I may need liquid refreshment after that.

    1. While I'm recommending places, Cath, have you had cakes at the Patisserie Valerie in bridge Street? They are to die for!

    2. We've definitely eaten there. Hopefully in a few weeks.....

  5. Did you and I not have lunch in there one day? If not Mo and I must have. It certainly has atmosphere.

  6. I certainly would not expect that interior from the sign alone.

  7. How fascinating! I love the atmosphere of all the old bricks and curved ceilings. If those bricks could talk, imagine the stories embedded in them! So much history and how fun to just sit there with a coke to enjoy it! Have a great week John!


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