Monday, 4 July 2016

Laycroft Longhorns

In the nearby village of Barnston on the Wirral there has been a great farm shop for the last three years – Laycroft longhorns.   We call in there for vegetables and other delicatessen items.

It’s great to drive into the farm entrance and to have to avoid the free-range poultry.  

It is so rare to see hens on the road nowadays whereas when I was young every farmyard has its chickens that could be expected to wander along the roadsides frequently.

The cockerel was crowing away like mad.

In one of the nearby cowsheds were some of the Longhorns including the bull.


  1. This shop looks more Altringham than Wirrel. The cattle were not what I was expecting. They look wonderful, a rare breed I haven't seen before.

  2. It's good to have such a shop nearby! I bet their produce is much nicer than what you get at the average supermarket.
    Few people here in town keep chickens, but when I'm out running or walking on the fields, I come past several allotments where groups of hens and sometimes a cockerel live and enjoy the green grass and dusty places underneath hedgerows and bushes.

  3. Looks like a risky life for the chickens! (but does add an atmosphere of authenticity to the place, I guess) The longhorns I'm not so sure I'd like to encounter free-range...

  4. When i've traveled, i've been to such farm shops, we don't seem to have any around here. We do have a farmer's market on certain days, and some farmers drive in with their produce and home-made products. It's sad that some people, though, just go to the local big store, buy what's on the shelves, and come to these events and try to pass it off as farm grown or home made. We have to be careful.

    Great pictures of the chickens and of Mr. Necessity!

  5. Excellent shop John, I have shopped there for veg/fruit too, their tomatoes are the nicest I've tasted, although I have great hopes for my Tumbling Tom Tomatoes in hanging baskets in my garden in nearby Rock Ferry. Their cakes are rather yummy too. Try them if you haven't already.


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