Sunday, 3 July 2016

Corals, Sea Urchins, Slugs and Fish….

One of our local ‘garden centres’ is Water World on the Wirral which not only caters for pond-life and plants and water features but also has an indoor pet section.  I love wandering around the tropical fish tanks and dreaming of the days gone by when we had tropical fish.  The ones we had were always freshwater tanks but I would love to have a marine tank.  Sadly, apart from the expense and the fact that the cats would enjoy fishing, marine tanks are very hard to maintain in balance.  So I will probably never have one.  This week I contented myself with photographing the ones in Water World.


  1. Not something one sees very often. I would spend hours watching a tank like this.

  2. Wow! It would be quite a feat to keep such a tank properly, but it would be worth it to see such amazing marine life. It would be, that is, if i didn't also have cats that would end up trying to help themselves to sushi.

  3. It's fascinating world under water, isn't it! My Dad is the aquarium lover of our family, and for many years kept a fresh water one upstairs where our cats couldn't go.
    Moving to a smaller, open-plan flat meant good-bye, and although he still loves everything about water life, I guess my Dad does not miss the expense, time and care involved. That all goes to the allotment now!

  4. I used to love your aquarium. They are so restful but for me the commitment would be too much.


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