Thursday, 7 July 2016

Inn Signs - The World's End

There are a few pubs around called 'The World's End' .  The name has been used since the seventeenth century.  Usually it is applied to an inn that was isolated or on the outskirts of a village.  As such the name provided a challenge to sign painters.  I think this one in Devon (or was it Somerset?) shows the general idea well.

A somewhat different interpretation for the name is given for The World's End inn in Knaresborough in Yorkshire.  The sign shows  a motor coach falling off the bridge into the River Nidd.  This sign refers to a Mother Shipton prophecy that when Knaresborough bridge falls for the third time the world will come to an end.


  1. That's a nice sign!
    I've been to Knaresborough, but only so briefly, we didn't have time to look around at the pubs. I remember the many murals, though, and the story about the bed race. The view from the castle is wonderful!

  2. The name does give the idea of getting away for a while and resting. The gent in the picture looks quite content.

  3. the 'dark satanic mills' on the horizon are an interesting inclusion.


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