Friday, 10 June 2016

Inn Signs - England's Gate

This inn is in Hereford and Worcester, just on the border between England and Wales - hence the name.


  1. I like it, because it's a "real" gate, not just painted on a board.

  2. I wouldn't have expected England's gate to be so small - or so crooked! 8-)

  3. Too cute! Well, atleast you know where you stand!

  4. Cute sign and it makes you think about it doesn't it?

  5. I like the series about the signs of inns.
    The first English pub I ever visited was "The Bishop's Finger", in Canterbury. Do you know why this name? I think it exists also in other places.

    1. Bishop's Finger was a nineteenth century term for a type of signpost shaped like finger and correctly known as a fingerpost. Fingerpost then became the slang term for a parson because he pointed the way to Heaven but didn't necessarily follow the way himself.


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