Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Camera Day

29th June is Camera Day.  No better day for taking photos but I think mine are going to have to be indoors.  It's peeing down!  So for the moment I shall settle for a sunny day from last week as Son-who-watches-films got the barbecue out.



  1. It looks as if he was expecting a crowd.

  2. Sweet! A day made for one of my favorite past shooting! I'm getting out there and clicking away. Have a wonderful day and rest of this week. It's our big celebration this weekend for Independence Day...oops..I really didn't want to rub any salt is old wounds from my friends in the UK...hope your weekend is glorious however!

  3. That is one serious grilling set-up! Hope the rain lets up soon so you can cook outdoors again.

  4. Sunny days have been rare here this "summer" so far, and I try to make the best of them whenever they occur.
    Woke up to the sound of rain again this morning...

  5. Glorious weather and a good day for BBQ...hope you enjoyed it.
    When I see how happy my friends in cold countries are when the summer weather rolls around, I appreciate where I live so much more....I can BBQ any day I feel like....except when it's peeing rain of course!!!

  6. Pat keeps telling me that we've had a beautiful summer. I remain to be convinced.


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