Saturday, 7 April 2012

A Saturday Stumble

HELP! Does any blogger know how to set the order of one’s blogs in one’s profile? My main blog is this one and I want it to be at the top. But as soon as I tick other blogs to have on my profile Rambles disappears somewhere in the middle. It’s not alphabetical order. It’s not the order in which they were created. So when someone follows up my profile by clicking on my name when I comment they see a list of blogs with Words, Project 355, etc. They have no idea which is my main one. I’ve mentioned that Rambles is my main one in the sidebar of my other blogs but who looks in sidebars first? Not I.

All I want is to be able to list my blogs in the order I choose but I have yet to find any way of doing it. The only way I can point people to Rambles is by un-ticking all the others and making it look as if I have only one blog. If you have found an answer to this problem please let me know.

Silke is having another giveaway this week, generous girl, so you might want to pop over to see her at Metamorphosis.  You have until 9 o'clock this evening,  Saturday, April 7 (Eastern Standard Time) to enter.

I occasionally pass on titbits of useless information but today’s may be useful to those living in the UK – it is a warning of sorts. According to the Royal Mint there are 44 million pound coins in circulation – forged ones that is! Some of them are so good that you can’t distinguish them with the naked eye and the weight and sound (when you tap it) is about right. The only one I have consciously come across sounded different when tapped on a metal post. These ‘perfect’ ones do not deceive most machines so the first you tend to know about it is when the parking meter or drinks machine rejects it. I find the figure of 44 million quite astounding and apparently it is worrying the Royal Mint so much they are thinking of changing the coin and calling in all the present ones.

I have my own blog for the postcrossing post cards that I receive but I don’t mention on it the people to whom I send cards.  One young man to whom I have recently sent one deserves a mention. He is Ferenc, an 11 year old boy from The Netherlands. Since April 2005 he has been diagnosed as having Neuroblastoma Child Cancer and is now in Germany for the Antibody therapy. His Mum, Marina, has a website for him – it has a Google translate button for those of us who don’t speak Dutch and the translation is good enough to get the sense of what it says.

Although he has only just joined postcrossing Ferenc’s ambition is to get a post card from every country in the world. If any of my blogging friends would like his address to send him a card I will pass it on to them. (Sadly I can only really make this offer to bloggers who’ve been following me for some time or who are well known to me. It wouldn’t be fair to pass on his address to a complete stranger.) You can contact me via thewillows1a at btinternet dot com.


  1. I can't see any way of achieving your blog priority. I'd never thought of it before and have just reset my profile.

    44million is astonishing and I'm rather surprised an almost perfect replica can be produced for that much less than £1 to make it worthwhile.

    I've emailed separately re Ferenc.

  2. All the best to Ferenc and his family! I am quite sure he will reach his goal, with such kind people supporting him.

    As for the order of your blogs following no apparent pattern - ah well, there are several puzzling things about blogger and its features, things that I can not logically explain to myself, let alone to anyone else...
    Could it be they appear in the order of which you add them to your profile?

  3. Looking at my profile it would appear that they are listed in the order they were last updated; most recently updated at the top.

  4. That doesn't work for me Mark - Rambles still appeared half way down when I did a quick experiment. Even below Salamagundi which I haven't updated for yonks.

    No Librarian - it doesn't appear to be in the order in which they were added to my profile (or the reverse order). Nor are th4ey in the order they were reated (or the reverse order).

    I can find no logic as yet. But all ideas welcome.

    1. Okay, the update ordering seems to have just been coincidence on my profile but I think I now have the answer, although you won't like it as you can't change it.

      The blogs on your profile seem to be ordered by decreasing blogID. You can find the blogID by looking at the source of any page on your blog -- there are usually a couple of places in the head section where it appears. Unfortunately this is an internal ID that blogger use to uniquely identify your blog (it's also the ID I use in Postvorta to get all the posts/comments from Blogger for a given blog) and so there is no way to change it. Of course this means that you are stuck with the ordering you have.

      The reason that ordering by blogID doesn't translate to the order in which the blogs were created is that IDs that have to be globally unique and are usually generated by an algorithm rather than being sequential.

    2. Strangely it would appear that while on your profile they are sorted in decreasing order, on the page where you can configure which appear on the profile they are listed in increasing order!

  5. I knew I could rely on you, Mark, to find the answer. It's a bit of a bummer that's there is nothing one can do about it though.

  6. I never really thought about it since the two blogs I have on my main account happen to be sorted both alphabetically and with the main blog first. Checking my old account profile though there seems to be no logic in the way those (5) are listed. By the way have they just changed the order of things in the profile? Didn't the 'Blogs I follow' list use to be at the bottom? It seems very strange to have the actual profile at the bottom of the profile page... What are they thinking?!

  7. Yes, they have changed the layout of the profile page. "?What are they thinking?" What a strange question, Monica. You obviously don't appreciate the English definition of the word 'Thinking'. Thinking is defined as "Using thought or rational judgment; intelligent; the act or practice of one that thinks." The concept of Blogger using rational judgement or intelligence is rather jolly. No chance!

  8. I think you're doing the right thing by only listing your main blog, and mentioning the other ones prominently. I don't know if the updated Blogger site will offer you this option. It OUGHT to, since we are all being forced to update. I mean, there should be some benefit to it, so far I haven't seen any! it just seems to be lacking various features I like.

    I'm happy to send the little boy a postcard althuogh I bet he's got loads from England. I have some foreign ones I can send from England if that helps! :)

    Happy Easter!

  9. Afraid I don't know but some bloggers put the title of their main blog in capitals which I think helps. (I'm probably going to look now and see that you have already done that and I have forgotten!!)

  10. Thanks Barbara - unfortunately my profile editor won't let me capitalise my blog nasme. It was a good idea while it lasted. I wonder how they did it??


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