Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Monday meanderings – except it’s Tuesday

It seems like Monday – largely because yesterday was Easter Monday and therefore Part-ner-who-drinks-tea was home marking papers and not rushing off to teach her students. Mind you, she works Saturday and Sunday teaching so our week-ends are not normal at the best of times. This week-end was special with it being Easter, with Partner-who-drinks-tea’s birthday, and with Son-who-watches-films cooking us all some lovely meals.

I’ve reached the conclusion that he is now a better cook than me. He still needs to ask questions because I’ve got forty years more experience but in terms of the various skills he uses and the manner of his cooking he has an innate ability and it is really beginning to show. He made us both dinner and supper on Sunday and supper consisted of various Chinese and Indian starters and little parcels of chicken in breadcrumbs with herbs and spices of his own concoction. They were such simple little things and yet the flavouring was brilliant and the deep-fat frying would have been such an easy thing to get wrong. I’m sure if I had tried them the breadcrumb mixture would have fallen off and I doubt I could have made them as tasty. The girls’ skills have long since surpassed mine in many areas – Food-loving-daughter enjoys her partner's cooking but you only have to taste one of Daughter-who-takes-photos' cakes to know she outshone me in the kitchen years ago.

Fortunately I had redeemed my self-esteem on Friday by making one of the best soups I’ve made in years. The problem is I never measure the quantities of anything so reproducing it exactly is not feasible but I did add one ingredient that doesn’t normally go in - Asparagus. Even though it was only three or four sticks and was competing with many other vegetables and pulses it seemed to make a world of difference. I must try it again today but this time I’ll measure the ingredients.

The weather has not been fit enough to venture into the garden. It wasn’t only raining outside but it came in through the conservatory roof again. A sure sign that it’s unpleasant out there. So I spent some of the time sorting my photos of the garden flowers from the last few weeks of sunshine and I have started posting them on my Garden blog. There will be a lot more on there in the near future. I hadn’t posted on there since last July so there’s some catching up to do but I think I’ll just start at March 2012.

On Friday I posted a ‘hidden niche’ in my house and it excited some comment including the question as to what exactly it was. So here is the answer. If you look in the bottom right hand corner you’ll see it.

I’ve shown you my post-card board before but these are my current favourites. I now have so many lovely ones that I have to rotate them regularly.

That is not the only notice board in the study. To my left as I type there is a little one which serves no great purpose. I rarely use it for notes.

But it does have some things to liven my day like Lisa Simpson carrying books and this fridge magnet.

This ‘postcard’ is a fridge magnet I got from an Etsy shop.

And finally here are some lovely flowers that Partner-who-drinks-tea got from Daughter-who-takes-photos and Son-in-law-and-Friend-who-loves Otters.

That’s all for now, folks. Have a good week.


  1. Oh, belated Birthday to Jo! Beautiful flowers. And since she won't let me see her face, may I just say that she could be a hand model?
    Asparagus...that soup looks really good.
    So happy to see the Stone Mountain card on your board!
    Lovely post, thank you! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Excellent food, postcards and flowers - it can't get much better than that, can it?! I have to say, your description of the food made me HUNGRY this early Tuesday morning...

    Have a great day!! :) Silke

  3. Lovely flowers; and I like that fridge magnet - "brain still loading". I'm feeling like that today, so therefore just a short comment to say "I was here"!

  4. Thank you for the compliment, but I think Rich must surpass me by know - those Indian and Chinese starters sound tricky. I find deep frying quite difficult. Last time I tried I made apple fritters and they tasted lovely, but I heated the oil too hot and it nearly all went horribly wrong. Do you and Rich use a thermometer?

    Glad you like the flowers.

  5. The rain came through your conservatory roof? That sounds rather alarming!
    Beautiful flowers; I don't know their English name but in German, the orange ones are called Ranunkel and they have made a huge comeback in the past two years or so, and rightly so!

  6. Is that ranunculus just glad to see me? 8-)

  7. Looks like you had a pleasant Easter John, especially having the 'children' cook. Your soup looks good. I like your notice board and enjoyed this peep into your life.

  8. A very talented son! It's great to have people who like cooking in the family. I used to be that person, but I've grown lazy! :D

  9. The food sounds fabulous. And the flowers are lovely. I'm sorry, I didn't get around to the computer earlier in the week, so I missed this post the day it went up. I really enjoyed it when I finally got to it. Love the display of postcards -- how interesting that you have one from Washington State. And the funny fridge magnets. My niece (divorced) has one which says, "I still miss my husband but my aim is getting better all the time!"

    Enough silliness. Time I got to work! Love you, Carol


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