Wednesday, 25 April 2012

ABC Wednesday - O is for Octopus

The octopus (traditionally, plural: octopuses) is a cephalopod mollusc of the order Octopoda. Octopuses have two eyes and four pairs of arms.

An octopus has a hard beak, with its mouth at the centre point of the arms. Octopuses have no internal or external skeleton (although some species have a vestigial remnant of a shell inside their mantle), allowing them to squeeze through tight places.

They may look like suckers but Octopuses are among the most intelligent and behaviorally flexible of all invertebrates.

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  1. At the zoo in Stuttgart, a guide introduced our group on a behind-the-scenes tour to their resident octopus of that year (apparently, they only have a life expectancy of a few years). To keep him entertained, they devised all sorts of games and puzzles for him.
    This one had learnt to unscrew the lid of a glass jar (that contained something to eat for him), and it had a half-deflated ball floating on the surface of its tank, which sometimes it would throw at the carers to induce them to play with him.

    1. That is so cool! Just think what other wonders may be around us, if we'd only take the time to really look and listen and work with the animal. I particularly loved the idea of the octopus playing catch with the keepers.

  2. Octopuses are mysterious creatures and often seen in legends, and even featuring in one of the Bond's films. I know that sperm whales feed on giant octopuses. Thanks for this informative post! I wish you a nice and sunny week!
    Wil, ABC Team.

  3. I always feel absolutely awful eating octopus so I don't do it often, only when there isn't anything else nice on the menu, and now having read how intelligent they are, I have resolved never to eat them again even if it means I have to eat something nasty instead!

  4. We were in Mystic Aquarium a couple weeks ago and saw the octopi (alt plural)
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Behaviorally flexible, huh? Some days I think I could use a couple of extra arms, but then again what if I just had the double number of limbs and they were ALL hurting and still only one brain to control them... (can you tell I'm still not feeling quite 100%?!)

  6. Your pics are out of this world, since they always seem to be moving their arms! Thanks for sharing:)
    The only octopus I've seen from up close was on a barbeque in Athens. Ever since then I've wondered what they taste like!

  7. Is it very wrong that seeing the octopus makes me hungry?! ;-)

    I've just been catching up on your blog. It's amazing how much I miss when I don't make the blog rounds for a couple of days. I hope by now your cough is getting better!

    And that blogger is behaving itself again. I do sometimes schedule posts and have never had a problem with that. But I haven't scheduled any lately.

    And I loved that hanging monastery - can you imagine being a monk there? It makes my knees weak just thinking about it. Great height is not my friend...

    Sending you sunny greetings from Savannah!! xoxo Silke

  8. They may look like suckers but Octopuses are among the most intelligent and behaviorally flexible of all invertebrates.
    Ha! That was good!
    Imagine if we had four arms...employer's expectations would be over the top!

  9. I'm not too fond of octopuses either to eat or feel (rather slimy). My LOVE of nature is mostly confined to land, but my CURIOSITY includes sea creatures. Did you hear about the white Orca off the northern Russian coastal islands. In some ways I wish we hadn't heard because of course now there will be hoards of spectators trying to find him/her.

  10. Wow, these photos are terrific. I really love the octopus pose in the first one.

  11. The noble octopus. I love these guys. They swirl and curl and are quite smart. Also, they must have wonderful defensive maneuvers, as they are probably quite tasty. I won't eat anything that once had suction cups. Makes me feel like my teeth are falling out. Weird, huh? Love from The Other Side Of The Pond! Amy

  12. Not the famous one in Germany that predicts soccer results?


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