Sunday, 27 February 2011

End of the week (or weak?)

I spent ages this morning trying to work out how yesterday's post had appeared under today's date on my blog. It finally dawned on me that today is Sunday not Saturday. OK, so who pinched Saturday?

It sometimes amused me at GB's watching Brother-who-blogs working away at two computers at the same time. Well, almost the same time. He wasn't actually using one hand on the desktop and the other on his laptop... But they were running at the same time and had different tasks going on them. I know son-in-law-who-cooks also has about ten screens going at the same time. But now I’ve started something similar. I have my desktop computer upstairs and I use that for writing my novel. Downstairs I have my laptop and that is used for e-mails, web browsing and doing work for Jo.

Sadly the laptop keyboard has stopped working so I’m using a plugged in one. It’s one of those that has no wires, the messages from it being sent to a little receiver plugged into the USB port. A similar arrangement applies upstairs. Imagine my amusement when the first time I used it I discovered that what I had typed downstairs was on the open document upstairs. The receivers were obviously on the same wavelength. But even more weird was seeing a word I had purposely mistyped downstairs had been corrected by the spellchecker upstairs.

Wonderful stuff modern technology!


  1. I was very amused by the two keyboards talking to each other's hosts. I've never experienced that. I'm quite disappointed!

  2. Ha! Funny post, Scriptor. Yes, technology is amazing. Thirty years ago I could not imagine the things we'd be doing because of it.

  3. I'm definitely guilty of the multiple monitors/machines at once approach. I think the maximum has been four screens running from three machines.

    I did find that one way of making things a little easier was a program called Synergy. This lets you use all the machines/monitors as one large connected desktop from a single mouse and keyboard. You just set how the monitors are arranged and then move the mouse of the edge of one screen and it appears on another attached to a different computer.

    At the moment though I'm actually sat in front of just one machine although it's made up for the by the rather large (23") widescreen monitor with four virtual desktops!


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