Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Happy Monday - OK, so it's Wednesday..

There I was happily working away yesterday (that's actually a lie I was very unhappy at the time because it was all going wrong...) when I got one of those wonderful error messages that are totally incomprehensible.  What is a siocket error - does it mean I've unplugged my computer from the mains?   It reminded me that I have a few others stored on my computer...

If only one could reclsaim all those wasted evenings.  I'd increase my life expectancy by years...


  1. It would be interesting to see some statistics how many people, when they get error messages, start talking back out loud to their computers. My guess is the percentage is rather high.

    Hope your error sorted itself out?

  2. Ah. The joys of Windows. Try Ubuntu or whatever it's called. Or go Apple!

  3. Arghhhhhhhhh! I have just spent the last five minutes going back and forth and clicking on numbers and letters on the keyboard. Am I thick or what?! I did not go below the first "error" message until just a moment ago and it was then that I realised it was YOU who was putting the error messages on as part of your blog posting!

    Just put it down to a senior moment.

    By the way, a little bird tells me that you are probably coming up to the Island this summer. If true - I am looking forward to that and to the spectacular weather you always bring with you. Summer clothes here I come!! xxx Love to Jo xx

  4. Just seen the word verification.
    There is plenty of that where I live - too much sometimes. Very apt. xx

  5. Funny :) How'd you find all of these?

  6. These would be really funny -- if they weren't so true!
    Canadian Chickadee

  7. I am giggling here in front of my computer, and my cat is frowning at me; she hates it when I laugh (I guess she thinks I am laughing at her, which I am not... at least not now!).


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