Tuesday, 1 March 2011

St. Swithbert - a scheduled post

I bet not many people know that there is a saint for angina sufferers! He is St. Swithbert (Suitbert) 647-713 and 1st March is St Swithbert's Day.

Swithbert, a monk from the English region of Northumbria, immigrated to Ireland, where he became a disciple of Saint Egbert in the monastery of Rathmelsigi. Described by his contemporary Saint Bede as “humble-hearted”, Swithbert was one of twelve monks of Rathmelsigi sent by Egbert on a mission to evangelize the Netherlands. Among his companions was the famed missionary, Saint Willibrord. After winning the conversions of many pagans by his zeal, Swithbert was consecrated regionary bishop for this mission in 693. Thereafter he expanded his field of labour into western Germany. Here he was successful for a time, but in the end his efforts were thwarted by a Saxon invasion. Swithbert saw in this misfortune an opportunity to withdraw from the world and prepare himself spiritually for death. He founded a monastery on an island along the Rhine, where the town of Kaiserswerth now stands, near Dusseldorf, Germany. Swithbert spent the rest of his life in the Kaiserswerth monastery.

Hopefully I won't be needing his services any more.


  1. I wonder who the patron saint of gallstone sufferers is.

  2. This is the first time ever I have heard the name Swithbert. Can you imagine a mother-to-be talking to her husband, "Dear, I have been thinking about a name for the baby... if it's a boy, Swithbert would be so nice, wouldn't it..."
    And when he was little, would they have called him Bert or Swithy?


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