Thursday, 3 April 2008

Rotary airers - well sort of...

A garden is for 365 days of the year, not just for summer. At least, that has always been my philosophy. It may not look at its best for much of the Winter, especially when the lawn is too soggy to mow, but I try to keep it looking reasonable with some foliage or bark or flowers always at their peak.

A neighbour (who presumably does not read this Blog and if they do then Oops - my apologies) obviously thinks a garden is for summer only. At the end of their garden – visible from my bedroom window – is something that can best be described as resembling one of those old rotary washing lines covered in plastic. If it were something as useful as a washing line I might forgive them but it is actually a plant. One of those less than hardy creatures which struggle throughout our summer and then have to be wrapped and cosseted all winter. Why do people grow these things? And, if they really must, can they not paint pictures of foliage on the plastic covering for old-fashioned folk like me who like plants in the garden?

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