Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Liverpool pubs


The Phil – almost as famous as The Philharmonic Hall opposite!
It seems that some of my pub and pub sign photos are in demand. I’ve had a couple of folk contact me asking if they can use them in various ways. Most interesting was a request from Brett Lashua, a researcher with the University of Liverpool, working on a project that is mapping some of the places of significance to Liverpool's popular musical heritage. Working in partnership with National Museums Liverpool and English Heritage, he's creating interactive digital maps for an exhibition on Liverpool's popular music called "The Beat Goes On" -- opening at the World Museum Liverpool on 12 July 2008 (through November 2009).

Here are some more town centre pubs from the 1960s though how many of them had music I’m not sure. Certainly O’Connor’s used to have poetry readings and folk like Roger McGough, Harold Hikins, Adrian Henri and the like could be found in there.

The Vines on Lime Street was known locally as The Big House. Like the Phil the gents toilets in this pub were a magnificent display of ornate architecture and had to be seen to be believed.

The Crown, another Lime Street pub.

I cannot recall the name of this pub in Hackins Hey. Was it the Hackins Hey itself?

One of a few Yates’ Wine Lodges around town. They did not have a good reputation and one was well advised to keep out of them in those days.

The Old Post Office - near Bluecoat Chambers. I have some of the out of town pub photos still to be scanned in but I shall do a posting on them at some stage.


  1. I think that the name of the pub in Hackins Hey was The Hole in the Wall. I'll ask Ron to verify (or otherwise) that.

  2. Thank you for mentioning my father, Harold Hikins as part of the poetry scene in Liverpool, I miss him every day and never cease to underestimate his talent and positive contribution to Liverpool society xx

    1. It's a pleasure, Jennifer. I was fortunate enough to work with him in Liverpool City libraries for a while. Not only a great poet but a super guy.


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