Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Skeleton leaves

Have you ever made leaf skeletons?  When I was young |i made a lot of them and used them for making bookmarks and various others forms of craftwork.  Sadly, none of those survive.  But one which my grandmother made - probably well over a century ago - still does.  I covered it in 'sticky-back-plastic' (to quote Blue Peter) and it is still quite happy to this day.

In my early teens I had a pen-pal who lived in Malaysia and she sent me two dyed leaf skeletons with little strings to turn them into bookmarks.

If you want to know how to make leaf skeletons take a look at
It's quite easy to do.


  1. How beautiful! I am all thumbs so I appreciate this!

  2. Not sure if we have biological washing powder in the USA, maybe someone could tell me?

  3. They are very beautiful! I have never made one myself.

  4. My stars! Never knew there was a trick to it. A friend in England sent me a beautiful leaf skeleton. I thought it occurred naturally. May I never cease learning as I live. Thank you, John. They're lovely!

  5. No, i've never done this, but it certainly looks like fun!

  6. What a great idea for the grands visiting this summer!

  7. I didn't know there is a trick to make them. I sometimes found/find them, ready made by nature.
    Anyhow, these leaf skeletons are amazing!

  8. I used to have quite a few but when and where they were made I cannot recall.


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