Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Liverpool Lyceum

“When you least expect it, you hear the dreadful click which is driving the world mad. . . .  Wherever you be, on land and sea, you hear that awful click of he amateur photographer.  Click!  Click! Click!"
Musical comedy act of the 1890s.

It doesn't much matter where I go I end up taking photos.  Among my favourite subjects are natural history, architecture and post boxes.  

Recently, on a walk through Liverpool, I photographed the Lyceum building.

The Lyceum is a Neoclassical Grade II listed building located on Bold Street, Liverpool, England. It was constructed in 1802 as a news-room and to house England's first subscription library (the Liverpool Library 1758-1942).  It later became a gentleman's club.

After the club relocated in 1952 the building was left unoccupied for many years, eventually falling into a state of disrepair. Calls were made for its demolition in the late 1970s, however a campaign against demolition was successful and it later reopened as a post office. 

Currently most of the building lies vacant with only part of the building serving as a branch of The Co-operative Bank.

This is how it looked in 1828:-


  1. It's a lovely example of the style of its day, i'm glad it was saved and put to new use.

  2. Agree its a lovely building , Its a shame more of it could not be put to good use. Whenever I pass there seem to be either buskers or religious groups using the steps. I just love Bold Street and its bustle.


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