Friday, 19 May 2017

Did your school have a library?

My school had a library and for a couple of years I was a library prefect which meant I could spend my lunch times and breaks in there.  I was definitely born to be a librarian!  I recently found a picture of myself at an early age...

Just kidding!  (You can tell they are not real librarians.  Real librarians carry twice as many books as that on one arm, leaving the other hand free to shelve them!)


  1. Great photo of the pushcart library; I too was born to be a librarian and in fact, am a retired librarian. Plus my mom was a librarian.

  2. Yes, it did! (And still does.)
    Actually, it was my school's library - and my Mum working there from when I was 9 years old until her retirement 10 years ago - that made me choose to become a Librarian myself.
    Although I do not work in that field anymore, and have not done so anymore since 1996, I am still a Librarian at heart. You know what I mean; once a Librarian, always a Librarian!

    You are right in spotting the not very efficient way of handling books in the photo. But in that instant, they were probably not shelving... and it was all staged for the photo, anyway :-)

  3. My school's library was my favorite place! If i'd had any sense at all, i'd have gone to school to be a librarian and wouldn't have to clean houses for a living.

  4. Most of our schools still have a library. What a deficit we will have if the schools lose those along with so many other things.

  5. A sort of juvenile predecessor of the mobile library I suppose... must have been hard work !

  6. Quarry Bank certainly had a good library and I spent a lot of time in it.


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