Friday, 25 November 2016

Sir John Everett Millais

Sir John Everett Millais, 1st Baronet, PRA was an English painter and illustrator who was one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Born: June 8, 1829, Southampton
Died: August 13, 1896, Kensington, London
Spouse: Effie Gray (m. 1855)
Children: John Guille Millais

These are two of my favourite Millais paintings and they sit next to each other in the Lady Lever Art Gallery on the Wirral 

And 'Bubbles'

The addition of the bar of soap...


  1. You are surrounded by beautiful art. I do like these paintings as they manage to convey a soft single mood in these times of crazy every shifting moods.

  2. He must have had a bit of a flair for advertising, old Millais! I wonder what he would have done for a job if he had lived nowadays!

  3. There are so many artists that i only know very slightly if at all, thank you for highlighting Millais and these two very lovely paintings!

  4. After reading your post, I looked up more paintings by Millais, wondering whether I would find the one that has been (as a print, of course) on the wall of my bedroom at our cottage in Ripon for years. I have not found it, but it is very much along the lines of the first painting, rather sweet and sentimental, and fits the mood of the cottage bedroom.

  5. I have, since I was a young man, had a love of and been fascinated by the art of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. I've never quite understood why but it's certainly a very strong attachment that I have. When I was a small child I recall the Bibby's Annual had a copy of Bubbles with the bar of Pears soap added.


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