Monday, 24 October 2016

Words and phrases - Binky

GB recently pointed out that I hadn't blogged any words or phrases lately.  If time permitted I would continue to add to my Word blog.  But perhaps I should just add some here occasionally.  Here is today's  appropriate word -

Binky (pl. binkies)
In the Peanuts cartoon, Linus van Pelt
is rarely seen without his blanket

  • (informal) A stuffed animal, blanket, or toy that a small child is more attached to than any other, and often sleeps with.
  •  A high hop that a rabbit may perform when happy.
  • (US, informal) A baby's dummy (pacifier) In the U.S. and a number of other countries, BINKY is a brand of pacifiers, owned by Playtex Products, Inc.  (In the UK - or at least to me -Playtex only brings to mind 'the living bra' they used to advertise)

    1. I've always thought Binky was that thing that was stuffed in a child's mouth so they wouldn't cry! I never used them with my kiddos but I know some kids get very attached to sucking on them and it's hard to take them off when they get bigger.

      1. Yes, YaYa, that's the third definition - the pacifier. Apparently, Playtex got upset when the name was used not just for their brand name pacifiers but as a generic name for all pacifiers. (A bit like the fact that electric vacuum cleaners in the UK are often known as hoovers despite not being made by Hoover but by Electrolux or other companies.)

    2. I had a binky, a hand-sewn rag doll my Mum had made for me. Its body was shaped like a small pillow and that is what I used it for. I slept on/with it for years, and my Mum had a hard time persuading me that it needed washing occasionally. Her name was Schlumbl.

    3. Or kleenex being the name for tissues in the US.

    4. I may have seen or heard the word in some baby-related context, but I'm pretty sure that I never heard the bunny-related definition before!

    5. Or the way all facial tissues are now just known as kleenex, even if made by another company. Of course, down here we have to be different and call the pacifier a "bippy." No, i don't know when or how that started.

    6. Amazing all the funny words we make up for things, innit? Baba, binkie, wubby, nookie, chuk-chuk, nibbles, snarkle, tinkle, whoopie, wham-hammer. That last one is my nick-name for a spinning backfist in MMA fighting.

    7. Binky is a word I didn't know. However as for you Playtex only brings to mind their old adverts about living bras.

    8. Thank you for having me (us) learn new words :-)
      Never would have thought of the meanings of 'binkies' you mentioned: a 'bink' in Dutch means a 'tough guy'!..

      And such a great picture of the high hopping rabbit! One of our two guinea piggies performs 'binkies', too, when happy, though in Dutch we name such a hop a 'bokkensprong' = 'male goat's hop/jump':-)


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