Friday, 21 October 2016

Katie - The happiest days are when babies come.

As I mentioned in the posting about Toby's arrival, Helen and Ian were also expecting around now...

On Thursday evening, 20th October 2016, at a bit before 6 pm Helen gave birth to Katharine (Katie) Rose and both mum and baby are doing very well.  No photos as yet but you can be sure one will be put on here as soon as possible.

Obviously I won't be going overboard and posting on Rambles from my Chair and Facebook about the two new arrivals all the time.  Like Hell I won't!!

A few quotes with apologies to Gone with the Wind (and thanks to Kay for the idea).... 

Nurse: You control yourself, Grandpa. You'll be seeing it for a long time. I'd like to apologize, Grandpa, about it's not being a boy. 
Grandpa -with apologies to Toby: Oh, hush your mouth, Nurse. Who wants a boy? Boys aren't any use to anybody. Don't you think I'm proof of that? Have a drink of sherry, Nurse. 

Nurse: This sure is a happy day to me. I done diapered three generations of this family's girls and it sure is a happy day. 
Auxilliary Nurse: Oh, yes, Nurse. The happiest days are when babies come. I wish.. Oh, Nurse, she's beautiful. What do you suppose they'll name her? 
Nurse: Miss Helen done told me if it was a girl she's going to name her Katharine Rose.
Grandpa: Yes she's a beautiful baby the most beautiful baby ever.... Yes, I'm going to buy her a pony the likes of which this town has never seen. Yes, I'm gonna send her to the best schools in Devon. Yes. And her'll be received by the best families in the South. And when it comes time for her to marry well, she'll be a little princess. 
Helen: You certainly are making a fool of yourself. 
Grandpa: And why shouldn't I? 
Helen: Great balls of fire! I had the baby, didn't I? 


  1. Congratulations to all of you! I like the words on the card. It will be nice seeing pictures on your blog of Toby and Kate as they grow up.

  2. Congrats and hieperderpieps hurrah!!! I think it's awesome, two little cousins starting out life together. You must be so happy to have them finally both here!

    1. Gosh yes! This waiting has been quite something. I bet the Mum's think that this waiting is their issue as well....

  3. You take the chance to ramble on, at least until the kids are old enough to (possibly) make their own protests :) And what fun for you to now have both a little prince and a little princess to spoil!

  4. I don't know why those who give birth think all the credit should belong to them! Congratulations to the mothers, fathers, grandparents and all who will love these precious babies.

  5. Congratulations and much happiness and a happy dance for all of you!

  6. Thanks everyone. Katie's settling in well and no doubt there will be lots of photos very soon, xx

  7. I am tickled beyond words!
    Speaking for Margaret Mitchell, I think she would also be very pleased.
    Welcome to the world, Toby and Katie!
    (P.S. Scarlet O'Hara's middle name was Katie!)


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