Saturday, 1 October 2016

Wood in Dunblane Cathedral

A sight of just some of the woodwork in Dunblane Cathedral.

And a couple of portable pew ends...


  1. The carvings are magnificent, think of the time required to carve just one. I admire beautiful architecture so much, sometimes I am surprised at the church I joined 5 years ago. It looks like an auditorium with folding chairs! But full of spirit. Nice photo of the portable pew ends, by the way.

  2. Such lovely, intricate wood carving! Thank you for taking time to get the details.

  3. Quite spectacular, love wood carvings, especially the animals.

  4. What a treat to stop by your blog this morning! Those wood carvings are just amazing - I love visiting the old cathedrals and churches in Europe. And, like you, Daniel and I take many, many photos of all the details. I especially loved all the carved animals!


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