Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Royden Park, Wirral

Some photos from a recent trip around Royden Park on The Wirral.


  1. What a lovely heron and thank you for the dragonfly.

    I had to look the park up on a map. I take it the fact that I don't recognise it means that I haven't been there?

    1. No, you haven't. It has a super walled garden but it never seems to be open at week-ends which is a bit of a bind.

    2. As you will have gathered the dragonfly was a long way away. The advantage of my new eyes - I can see insects again!

  2. That is a very attractive area indeed. I seem to recall that it's near Irby or Thurstaston but for the life of me I can't recall where exactly it is nor can I recall going there. All of which is very strange given the fact that I lived there and spent so much time wandering around the area.

  3. Great pictures! The park looks like a peaceful spot while at the same time there is so much going on. Love the heron, of course!

  4. Such a beautiful tranquil park....the heron obviously likes it there too....perhaps fish in the pond?


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