Sunday, 16 August 2015

Pink and more pink

If there was ever one blog that could provide me with enough thoughts for a post each and every day it would be Messymimi's Meanderings.  Today, for example, Messymimi points out that it is "Remember What Your Spouse Wore the First Time You Met Day -- internet generated and dangerous!"

If we ignore the literal 'first time we met' bit and change it to the first time we went out I can tell you exactly what Partner-who-loves-tea was wearing on our first date.  She was wearing pink.  Pink, pink and more pink with white shoes. 

Now I am one of those sad, honest men who is rarely able to lie when asked for his opinion.  I try to be tactful but I don't lie.  So 'Does my bum look big in this?' would tend to be greeted with 'I'm not sure it flatters you.'  

So, looking for something complimentary to say to P-w-l-t on our first date I was a bit stuck because I absolutely  hate pink.  So I settled for 'I like your shoes!'  

I'm surprised she didn't scratch her head at this weird behaviour and just turn round and walk away.  Fortunately she didn't and we're still together nearly thirty years later.


  1. I do not have a clue what I wore or what my husband wore...not a clue.

  2. You hate pink? What did pink ever do to you? I am thinking (and you know I love you John) but you might have married a saint! (I know I did! LOL)
    And you are so right about MessyMimi, I love her blog and her lists telling us birthdays and what kind of day it is...they are great!

    1. What did pink ever do to me, Kay? Good question? I don't know.Perhaps I need some therapy about it.

  3. She was probably impressed with a man who both noticed and liked shoes! Thanks for the mention, it's nice to know my meanderings do serve some purpose.

  4. I don't personally wear pink (I think I associate with little girls), but when each granddaughter was born, pink clothes were what I bought for them up to school age. I'd have no trouble knowing what my husband wore on our first date- suit, white shirt & tie. That was his usual garb except for weekends.

  5. LOL. I remember what Robin was wearing the first time I met him - a very fetching hospital gown. He'd been working at the same company as my dad for a couple of years and was in the hospital to have elective surgery. My dad wanted to go to visit him. I couldn't drive yet, so Dad took me with him when he went to see Rob, before dropping me off at school, where the girls in the Loyalty service club were scheduled to wait tables for a school banquet. Turns out Rob's about six years older than I am, but the thing that impressed me most at the time was how terribly young he looked! All these umpty mumble years later, he still does. xoxo

  6. The fact that you remember earns big points! Jack and I met on a blind date. My Aunt took a pic of us for some reason. He has no excuse not to remember! I had a red, white and blue plaid top on. He had red, white and blue plaid pants was a match made in heaven!

  7. I think Jo was lucky to have found sad honest man you.

  8. Yes, I have to say I was quite taken aback at the time - especially as it was a new outfit and the only comment was about - shoes !!! Still, nearly 30 years later, I am glad it didn't put me off and we had a second date, and another and another - and the rest is history as they say. Fortunately or unfortunately he doesn't lie if I ask his opinion which can be really helpful, but can also be ....... but he is tactful and at least I know where I stand.

  9. I'm with you on pink - just "ew"! Coral, now... coral I love! I met Bear at the police academy, so we were both wearing grey uniforms for the first six months of our acquaintance. Kind of levels the playing field a bit.

  10. Hmm I think my now Wife may have been wearing a Halo. Long story but we Married 10 years after she became my Superviswory Caregiver, after a Brain Injury (or Not) The caring, no fault, expensive compulsory Levied System was then able to say "Ah but She's just you Wife" and I am delighted to say Stilliz.

  11. Thank you for sharing such nice story!

    May I ask: did P-w-l-t wear pink ever after, in the 30 years following?
    If so, did you dare to tell her how you dislike pink?
    Just curious :-)

    By the way, also I am with you on pink. Until I was pregnant of our daughter, 11 years ago, and I told my s-i-l of my resistance against pink. She said that I would like it once dear daughter would have been born, and I must confess that I bought some - and accepted the given - pink clothing. Dd looked good wearing this!..
    I think I must have brainwashed her inconsciously because she always has hated those pink-princesses-businesses (yay!). And, although she wears (clear, no soft) pink every now and then (socks, for instance) her favourite colour is clear yellow, and she says she detests pink... Happy me :-)

    By the way, I forgot what my partner was wearing when we met for the first time. It was at a concert, Persian music and dance. I don't even know if I noticed at all what he wore at that time, because all I remember are his beautiful friendly eyes and friendly calm smile.

  12. I met my boyfriend in the end of the you all still know our outfits has been terrible, like all the ones in those years. Miguel had just worn light blue jeans with a shirt and a white linon biker jacket and, tadaaaaaaaaa, always remember his shoes, too, two colored boat shoes with long all time open laces...that was the reason why we talk our first words to each other...I had closed his laces perfect ;o)) , looked into his grey green eyes and felt in love with his black long curly hair...since that day we were a couple, now for nearly 27 years, 8 months and 25 days ---
    oh , after all these years, his laces are still never closed, if I don´t do that...;o)

  13. I know exactly what I wore when RJ and I first met - a fuchsia (pink!!!) 1960s dress... But I also know what he wore: black jeans, a jumper with black and white stripes and a black leather jacket.

  14. I do hope you are all right. It has been a while since this "pink" post was written and I'm afraid that means you aren't well. If so, I wish you a recovery soon; miss your posts.


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