Monday, 27 October 2014

Lunchtime on Exeter Quay

Lunchtime on Exeter Quay, 11th October 2014.  (I know, you are still waiting for the last couple of days of our Scottish holiday – they will be posted soon.)  This was during a week-end in Exeter.  On the way down we stopped overnight at Tewkesbury and on the way home at Glastonbury and Staunton-on-Wye.

The Quay.

The rope ferry.

Black-headed Gull.

Pirate with a difference.

Daughter and Son-in-law (we are busy thinking of revised names for the family members, hence the shortened version for the moment).


  1. I like seeing members of your family. Exeter has such charm; I love citiies built along waterways.

  2. A very daring pirate, I must say!
    The weather looks great and I am glad you were obviously well enough to enjoy a weekend away.

  3. Good you are back John.
    Drop Dead Gorgeous for the left hand one.

  4. Your daughter looks like you, (from wedding photo). I always get mixed up between Exeter and Exmouth! I have an old school friend who lives in Exmouth -- friends since 1955 !!

    Naughty pirate girl! Looking forward to your Scottish photos.

  5. Such a pretty day, i hope you all had a beautiful time!

  6. I really am overdue a visit to Exeter and Helen and Ian. I'm intrigued by the rethinking of names for family members. Ian changed a name and Gareth has changed some of his (though not his first and last).

  7. Now there's a pirate that can throw you a curve!

  8. Help me take my jaw up off the ground you to find a pirate with a difference....never saw a pirate lady before, and I'm stunned.
    Exeter looks like a lovely place, maybe one of these days I'll get there.

  9. Nice pictures... Glad you had a sunny day in Exeter!


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