Monday, 6 October 2014

A Friend Called Jamie

I long ago stopped distinguishing between friends, acquaintances, postcrossing friends, Facebook friends, blogging friends and the like.  To me they are all now just friends.  One of the people I am pleased to be able to call my friend is a woman called Jamie.  We met through Postcrossing and will probably never be nearer than 3,000 miles apart but I hope she thinks of me as a friend as well.  She is an American with a loving husband and two young girls and they are currently living in Australia.  She posts some hilarious things on her Facebook site and also some little gems she has picked up as she goes along. Like this one:-

Evolution of a Word: nimrod. Nimrod was a biblical reference to the king of Shinar. According to the book of Genesis, he was a man of power and a mighty hunter. The word was used to favorably describe one's ability to hunt. In the 1930s, Bugs Bunny began ironically referring to the inept hunter Elmer Fudd as a nimrod. The influence and popularity of this cartoon has led to the change of the definition of the word nimrod. Most Americans no longer associate nimrod with "a mighty hunter". To most of us, it means "an inept person".

And she shows the landscape and fauna of Australia on her Facebook Timeline.    Like this photo of Thorny Devil by UluruPhotography

And her friends and family sometimes post things to her timeline as well.  Like this one…

And the following is just one demonstration of why I’m pleased to be her friend – I think she’s a wonderful mother.   

 I hope her two girls appreciate how lucky they are – I know they will when they are grown up.


  1. That message on the scale is great! While I do believe in taking responsibility for one's own body (it is, after all, the only one we'll ever have to play with or spoil), and like to be fit and healthy, I don't believe in mere numbers on a scale, or what size someone claims to wear.

    Until now, I always thought Jamie was a male first name, a variation of James.

  2. If we'd ever had scales in our home when I was a kid, I'm sure my mom would have written a note like that. This momma is one smart cookie!
    I still use the adjective blogging with 'friend'. As of now, I will no longer do that. I do feel like you are a friend. I've chosen to not do Postcrossing recently because I seem to get only names from China, and they either aren't being delivered or those who receive them are not acknowledging them. I don't know which. I will look, however, for one to send to you before long.

  3. I loved the weighing scale :))) brilliant idea.

  4. Well I certainly don't like that Thorny Devil but do like the message on the scales John. Your friend Barbara!

  5. What an incredible photo of the Thorny Devil....kinda scary looking for me though, but I love the colour.
    Loved the little note on the scale....really cute.


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