Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Scottish Holiday – Day Three – Friday at Achnagairn

This is day three off our Scottish holiday and it was largely spent moving from one of the lodges into the main house at Achnagairn, saying hello to some of my nephew’s relatives as they arrived, meeting some of his future bride’s relatives and waiting around in nearby Beauly for a doctor’s appointment (long story!).  When I was first told of the location of Achnagairn – near Beauly – I said ‘The main thing I remember about Beauly from my trips through it are the wonderful lichens on the trees.  Nothing has changed.  The grounds of the mansion had some fantastic examples.

 Because of a mix-up over my tablets one type of tablet did not make it to Achnagairn with us.  As a result we had to visit a doctor in Beauly because it was a controlled medicine and the pharmacist couldn’t just dispense it on my doctor’s say-so!   The advantage of this was a visit to one of the top 50 delicatessens in the country (according to the Independent newspaper).  Not only did we acquire some cheese for midnight snacks but we also had coffee and a cake there.    

 Here are a few shots of Achnagairn House, the main body of which dates from 1812.  We will start with the view from our bedroom window.  

I wish that woman ironing her wedding dress would get out of the way.  Thank you!

I’m not sure whether GB is showing Partner-who-loves-tea his country estate or vice versa but they both seem quite at home.

Let's take a quick tour.

This is the ballroom. 

It was built later than the rest of the house and dates from 1912.  The ballroom was a 21st birthday present from the then owner to his daughter.  I have always wanted a window seat and the series of window seats along the balcony of the ballroom are fantastic.  I could stretch out there with a book and an occasional glance out of the window and be happy for hours on end.

Well, Louisa and Alister are preparing the evening meal so I’ll sign off now.  Tomorrow was Gaz’s wedding day.  (Can you say ‘tomorrow was’???)   Fortunately the sun shone on all concerned but you will have to wait to see that….


  1. I backtracked on your posts and saw that I had known that it was your nephew getting married, but had forgotten. Oh, well. What an amazing place to have a wedding. I wish I could transport one of those window seats to my mobile home. ha, ha.

  2. It all looks wonderful! I love the double-sized window seat. And I'm sure Washington enjoyed his slide down the bannister. :) xoxoxox

  3. What a lovely place, and yes to window seats! Give me a bookshelf next to one, and the only reason i'd ever leave was to use the restroom or snatch a bite from the kitchen!

  4. What a great place for a wedding! Although I find the black iron chair with the extremely high back a bit scary, I like the general look and feel of the place and wouldn't mind being invited there for a weekend myself. I'd pack my ball gown and dance a waltz or two in that wonderful ball room! To rest, I'd sit on one of the window seats.

  5. A banister-riding bear. I like it! It is a beautiful place and you have shown it off to good effect CJ.

  6. It looks a great place. You were next door, almost to Fforde's camera emporium.
    You can say "Was", it's your blog. I would have written "Is" but I really know little English Grammar. Innit.

  7. The castle interior is beautiful.....it must have been lovely to stay in such a historical beauty.
    I do hope you did not make Washington slide down the entire banister rails to the bottom floor.
    Loved the sign in the delicatessen...I for sure would not have been one of the women on the Titanic to wave away the dessert cart....no way!!

  8. Well, I must say I like that 21st birthday present that young woman received! And I am with you on the window seat. I love them. Great photo of you two on the window seat.

  9. What a great place for a wedding and a holiday. Love the window-seat picture of you & Jo! ♥

  10. Glad you had a great time John. It all looks very grand!

  11. Love those window seats but not sure about the twin baths. Would spoil my time of total away from it all relaxation.


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