Sunday, 31 August 2014

Scottish Holiday - Day Four - The Wedding

The whole purpose of our visit to Scotland was to see my nephew Gareth (aka Gaz) and his fiancée Carol get married.   This was Saturday 9th August and the sun shone in more ways than one.  It was a lovely day.

It was a day of kilts and sporrans and all things Scottish.

And, of course, pretty girls.

My big bruvver, GB, and Gaz.

Donald, the best man.

The father of the groom taking it easy.


A bridesmaid with tired feet?

Escaping from the hoi-poloi for a moment.

The Dress!!

Being piped into dinner.

Dinner in the ballroom.

Son-in-law who cooks, the Groom, and Partner-who-loves-tea.  There seem to be a lot of glasses on the table.

Bagpipes at rest.

The first dance.

What a wonderful day and a privilege to have been invited and able to go.


  1. Beautiful! It takes a gorgeous dress to outshine the kilts, and this one does it. What a lovely day that must have been, all 'round.

  2. How wonderful! I feel as just attended that wedding with you! Love all the kilts and I thank you very much for showing that lovely wedding dress. GB had a photo of it, but I longed to see a closer view of it!
    I am very glad that you were able to go too. Are you feeling better these days? Hope so! xx

    1. Thanks Kay - yes, I've been feeling a lot better the last few weeks. Fingers crossed for it lasting.

  3. A day of beauty and smiling and love, i'm so glad you got to go!

  4. What a grand event; I love the thought of being piped in to dinner, and all the kilts worn look very classy. The bride's dress is so pretty; I like the demure style and the lace.

  5. Wonderful! And the bride and groom look happy, not completely exhausted the way you sometimes see a couple if they have a very big wedding that has taken lots of organizing and sleepless nights beforehand.

    When I first saw the dinner picture in the ball room, I thought, such a shame - they should have used the ball room for dancing. So I was relieved to see that there was dancing!

    The Tartan collage is great - few fabrics can look as elegant as that, I believe.

  6. Good to see some photos CJ. It was a memorable day that I think I can safely say will not be forgotten by anyone who was there.

  7. In my defence I didn't drink from all the glasses in front of me, only four of the five; champagne, red wine, beer, and water. I left the white wine glass untouched!

  8. the bride is stunning, and Gaz looks grand in his kilt! you did a top job of capturing the big wedding group! lots of glasses for different kinds of liquids, right? how lucky the couple was to have a beautiful day for their wedding. best wishes from the USA to them and their families!

  9. It looks like a fabulous day - truly an occasion to remember. Please tell Jo how lovely she looks. xoxox

  10. Love the look , the lace and the red shoes! Your nephew resembles you.

  11. Just lovely....lovely all around...the bride, the groom, the dress, the kilts, the guests, the food, the bagpipes, the crazy funny looking Best Man, loved it glad you were feeling good and could be there to enjoy such a beautiful occasion.
    Wishing the newly weds all the best of everything for the future.

  12. Wonderful photos from a happy occasion! I'm glad they (and all of you) got such a fine day for it, too. The colourful kilts are a joy to the eye, and so of course is the bride's lovely dress. Did you wear a kilt as well?

    1. No, Dawn Treader, unlike GB and my nephew I have no connection with Scotland. Though I could wear an Edwards Welsh tartan but my knee is not much to look at. (I only have one the other knee cap disappeared in a road accident when I was 16). And anyway the Edwards Welsh tartan is rather uninspiring.


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