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Rules for a happy marriage
I have decided to start a set of ‘Rules for a Happy Marriage’ posts.  They won't be in any sort of order so here (Thanks to MumaLeary) is
Rules for a Happy Marriage #1 - 
If you have consumed more than half a £1 (120 gram / 4.2 oz) bar of Cadbury’s Whole Nut whilst your other half is out, you MUST finish the bar and dispose of all evidence before their return lest you are thought of as a) a total pig and b) very mean.

What would be your first rule??  Humorous or serious responses both appreciated. 

A fridge magnet
Earlier this year I decided I would like to collect fridge magnets of the cities in which my friends and acquaintances live.  (A slight hint there, folks.  Subtlety is not my middle name.)  Before I took that decision I had already received a few.  I have identified where they are of and who sent them.  With the exception of this one.   

Can anyone help by telling me where it is?  Once I know where it is I shall recall who was kind enough to send it.  Perhaps you read Russian (or whatever language it is) or perhaps you sent it?  

Golfing weather!

On Friday it was 25ºC.  Too hot.  The perspiration was pouring off me.

The British Open Golf Championship is being played just down the road at Hoylake, Wirral.  And for the first time in history they are teeing off at two tees at the same time.  We had two days of sunshine and heat and now this morning we had thunder and lightning in the early hours and they are concerned about making sure everyone gets their third round in today.  There are some happy ducks on the local ponds but the golfers and caddies are getting soggy.  It is traditional for the leaders to tee off at 3pm but they are so concerned about the potential for lightning delays that the leaders will be starting at one minute past 11am.  That will mess up the TV schedules across the world

 Leading at the halfway stage is Rory McIlroy, MBE (born 4 May 1989) - a Northern Irish professional golfer from Holywood in County Down who is a member of both the European and PGA Tours. He is a former World Number One and a two-time major champion. He won the 2011 U.S. Open, setting a record score of 16-under-par on his way to an eight-stroke victory. In 2012 he won the PGA Championship at Kiawah Island by a record eight strokes. 


  1. You are back!! You are back. How cool is that?? My basic rule is try to forgive the other and remember they have to forgive you...and you do know what you did.

  2. Last week a waiter asked us for the secret to a long marriage. The best we could come up with:
    1) a sense of humour, and 2) you each get your own dessert, so you don't have to share.

    This morning we came up with a third: Being too lazy to kill each other!!

    Hope you find this helpful. Love to you & Jo, xoxox

  3. Sweetie would say the first rule of marriage is "Happy wife, happy life."

    As for me, my first rule would be "pick the right person!"

  4. How was I supposed to know that eating a large chocolate bar by myself and leaving none of it for my husband would lead to problems if he found wonder I'm a divorcee...should have known about this before!!!
    Sweating out those toxins is good for the body....continue to enjoy the sunshine.
    I hope you get to attend some of the golf game.

  5. Hey John!
    Now you might know how it feels to live in Georgia, we pour with sweat all summer long! (Except for the sweet Southern belles like myself, we simply GLISTEN, ha, that is what they say anyway!)
    And JUST today, I saw the very end of the coverage of the British Open and said to Richard, "Oh,, look, that is where JOHN is!!" And THEN, the announcer said that the coverage would continue tomorrow at 6AM...what????? Now, I know why!!
    So happy to see your post here! I hope this means that you are feeling much better! Now, just stay out of that sun, I mean I know you are an Englishman, but come on, that heat will get to you! Take care!!!

  6. Trying to find the secret of a happy marriage is hard. Otherwise it wouldn't be a secret!

    I suppose one advantage of collecting fridge magnets is that they don't take up too much room.

  7. The city is Dnjepropetrovsk in the Ukraine.
    Yesterday, Saturday, we had somewhere around 34 Celsius. It is July, after all!
    I have no rules of marriage. How could I - my first one ended with a divorce, and the second one infinetely more sadly...
    But when it comes to any kind of relationship, my advice would always be not to expect the other person to change "for you".

  8. Definitely need to eat the chocolate and remove all evidence. Blame the dog or the cat or mice. Or, since it's so warm, you could make the excuse that it needed eating before it melts.

    Best happy marriage rule I know for women is to feed the husband before discussing anything.

    I've been following the golf tournament via the news. Looks like you had a lot of rain there and here we're gasping for some. Glad Rory Mcilroy won. His Dad and friends had a good wager going there. They're probably out celebrating today.

    If you really want fridge magnets I have a lot of them since we moved, but I suspect you'd rather have them sent by people you know who've been there. I've been everywhere that I have magnets, but somehow it doesn't seem the same if you're collecting something and just get a bunch dumped on you. But let me know. Some are from quite unusual places. Email me if you're interested.

  9. news here, watch Rory McIlroy , so young and has an MBE.

  10. The secret of a happy marriage is - a large shed at the top/bottom of the garden so that husband/partner can escape from time to time and do "man" things like banging nails in and sawing!!!

  11. I managed enough cyrillic to google the word and it appears to be Dnipropetrovsk - Ukraine's 4'th largest city.

    I shall have to have a think about the rules for marriage.

  12. It's very hot here too and predicted to last all week. Lucky for me it coincides with my brother's holiday and I've not had to spend the hottest part of the days this week at home or even in town.

  13. Glad someone found out what that magnet said for you... I was going to enlist Bear and his polyglot powers.

    As for a happy marriage? I say the rule is... have no rules. When two people click, they find their own way to be happy, and it's usually not the way that works for anyone else. The way Bear and I live would drive most people insane, but it works for us. So instead of trying to imitate the way someone else is married, I say find your own path.

    Thanks for oh-so-subtly letting us know you want fridge magnets from all your friends! 8-) *wink*


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