Thursday, 13 March 2014

Playing the System

Mr Hogan, You claimed on your expenses for: £1,600 on a table, 6 chairs & chest/bookshelf.
£1,997 on a Wardrobe & something else unclear
£358 on toilet & kitchen 'bits n bobs'.
£650 Decorating
£320 Food & Cleaning
And you want to lecture the public about "gaming the system"?
Mate, if this country were run by honest people, you would be in jail, not lecturing the poor, and criminalising them.
Do you want to tell us why your firm paid 2% in tax on £600 million in profits?
And why you claim a £200 a week food allowance?
Playing the system?
That's rich coming from you.


  1. There is no such beast as an honest politician.

  2. Wow.....that's all I can say right now....WOW!!

  3. It's the same in the States, and i vote against these people. Why are they still in office? Others won't go against them.

  4. sad to say, all of us seem to have a government that spends like there is no end to the money supply, yet they want us (who pay them) to tighten our belts. and on the other hand, they want us to spend money to help our economy. :(

  5. I agree with you 100%, John. And we have quite a few of those over here too. xoxox

  6. So we're not the only country with sleazy government officials who talk out of both sides of their mouth. Shameful.


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