Friday, 15 November 2013

A Brief October Holiday - Taunton

 I'm still sorting photos from October and there are a lot more to come...

Taunton Castle is a castle built to defend the town of Taunton, Somerset.

It has origins in the Anglo Saxon period and was later the site of a priory. The Normans then built a stone structured castle, which belonged to the Bishops of Winchester. The current, heavily reconstructed, buildings are the inner ward, which now houses the Museum of Somerset and the Somerset Military Museum.  The building has been designated by English Heritage as a grade I listed building.

Taunton is definitely a place to spend more time exploring.


  1. Love the ivy-covered facade! Looking forward to all your other October-pictures still waiting to be posted.

  2. As much as i love touring castles, i'm glad i don't live in the days when they were really needed for protection.

  3. Love the regal looking castle....these old buildings always make me think of the work that went into building them.

  4. I was definitely born in the wrong era. However, that last sign is just awful. What a weird/confusing name, and horrible artwork! Give me the Crow & Crown Pub any day ... ha!

  5. I like the ivy-covered facade too... And the one above, with the gate!


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